• What do bears eat?

    The results of paleontological studies suggest that bears have been on Earth for five or six million years ago. The Etruscan bear, which lived about two million years ago, gave rise to the development of modern species, which today are distinguished by eight. The youngest of them is the polar bear, which began its pedigree about 200 thousand years ago.

    Feeding bears

    The bear decides whether to lead a settled or nomadic lifestyle, based on the availability of feed in the area. The brown bear is very rare in the afternoon, except during the rain. What do bears eat? Their diet is varied and depends on the yield of certain crops and plants.

    It is very bad for a brown bear in lean years. Then he is forced to seek salvation among cultural crops, to attack livestock or to destroy the apiaries. But much worse if the bear does not have time to feed. Then in the middle of winter he wakes up from hunger and begins to search for food. Cranks are very dangerous predators. In the absence of an alternative, a bear eats a person.

    After the end of hibernation in early spring, bears mainly eat shoots of aspen and ants.When the earth is free of snow and the sun is warming, young green grass sprouts beckon it, and a little later fresh tree leaves, small animals, bird eggs. Berries appear in the diet of the bear only by the middle of summer. It would be bad for a kosolapom to hold out on such grubs if it were not for the fat that remained after the winter. That is why it is vital for brown bears to accumulate fat, which needs at least fifty kilograms for the winter.

    Pine nuts are an essential support for the Siberian bear, while hazelnut nuts, acorns and chestnuts are warmer in the regions. During the season, the amount of nuts eaten reaches half a ton, and berries and even more - more than 700 kg. Kamchatka bears, having mastered the methods of fishing, patiently await the arrival of spawning salmon.

    Why bears do not eat penguins

    The Sea Bear is one of the largest carnivores in the world, a beautiful disguised hunter; the main predator of the food chain of the Arctic.

    Highly specialized hunting orientation - seals, for the most part - ringed seal. During the year, an adult male eats up to 50 individuals. First of all, he is interested in skin and fat, the rest - only in the period of great famine. Overnight, the bear eats from 6 to 20kg.

    Great is a bear to the fish in your diet.Terrestrial animals (walruses, belugas, narwhals) can suffer from its attacks when there is not enough food. But the case where bears eat penguins has not yet been fixed. And only because bears live in the Arctic, and penguins live in the Antarctic. These two continents are located at different poles of the Earth.

    When there is a shortage of fresh animal food, the polar bear eats berries and moss, eggs and nestlings nesting on the mainland of sea birds. He does not disdain the gifts of the sea - dead fish or the corpses of other inhabitants. But the corpse of his fellow polar bear will not eat. More attractive for him are the warehouses of travelers or hunters. Also welcome guests for the polar bear are sealers and whalers, after which you can profit from those devoid of skins and remnants of the bodies of seals and whales.

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