• What are the main causes of divorce

    Departure from tradition

    If you look at regional statistics, the regions of the North Caucasus Federal District, in particular, Dagestan, Ingushetia and Chechnya, are in the last places for divorces, where there are only 18 divorces for 100 marriages, while on average for Russia for 100 marriages there are 54 . These are territories where the traditions and customs of the peoples inhabiting them and the influence of religion are strong. From this we can conclude that the main cause of divorce in our country is a departure from the traditions and discredit of the family institution.

    Poll results

    The initiator of a divorce is most often a woman, since the level of her satisfaction with marriage is lower than that of men - 4.37 points versus 4.15 out of 5 possible. The main problems that become insurmountable are material insecurity, lack of housing, abuse of a partner of alcohol or psychotropic substances. Until 2007, the latter was the cause of divorce in 51% of cases. The survey was conducted among 1600 respondents in 153 regions of the Russian Federation.
    Currently the situation has changed a bit. According to polls conducted by the VTsIOM, in 40% of cases, the couple’s unpreparedness for serious relations becomes a reason for divorce - the decision to register a marriage was made either under pressure from external circumstances, or under the influence of relatives, or because of fleeting passions. In 19% of cases, the reason was the betrayal of the spouse, in 12 out of a hundred - because of the incompatibility of interests, in 7 - because of the immaturity of one of the partners and as much because of alcoholism or drug addiction.

    Standard of living

    Oddly enough, but in years when the economy is stable or goes up, people marry less often, but divorce more. When the state is in a fever, people are not up to solving family problems. On the contrary, people are well aware that together it is easier to survive in turbulent times. It turns out that the higher the standard of living of the population, the higher the number of officially unregistered marriages and the less often people get married.

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