• How are goose eggs useful?

    If chicken eggs are well known to everyone and are often included in the daily diet, then the goose is not so popular. But they are also useful and can be used in cooking.

    Product Overview

    Although goose eggs look like chicken eggs, they have some peculiarities. The first is their size: weight can exceed 150 grams. The second feature is a dense shell, which is not easy to split. The third distinguishing feature is the characteristic taste and smell, which repel many and make them treat the product in question wary.

    Composition and value

    The composition includes such nutrients as proteins, fats, amino acids, lutein, potassium, sulfur, iron, phosphorus, calcium, copper, vitamins E, groups B, D, A, K.

    Beneficial features:

    • Goose eggs are a source of protein, which is used for the development of muscle tissue and the formation of new cells.
    • Vitamin D, which is rarely found in food, helps the body to fully absorb calcium. That is, eggs can be considered very useful for bone tissue, as well as nails and teeth.
    • Eggs improve brain activity and increase brain activity: normalize memory, concentration, and logical thinking.
    • Vitamin E is not for nothing called the vitamin of youth: it helps nourish and moisturize the skin and hair.
    • Regularly using this product, you can reduce the risks of hormonal disruptions, because the level of sex hormones returns to normal.
    • Goose eggs are good for blood vessels and clean their walls. And they contribute to the strengthening of the heart muscle.
    • Lutein is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. This substance neutralizes free radicals and thereby stops premature aging, oxidation and destruction of tissues, and also reduces the risk of cancer.
    • Vitamins of group B, firstly, are responsible for the metabolism and take part in many reactions and processes occurring in the human body. Secondly, they are necessary for the smooth functioning of the nervous system.
    • Eggs are also useful for vision, as they contain vitamin A, which protects the eyes.
    • The product will help maintain elasticity and healthy skin color.

    It is important to know: eggs are one of the most powerful allergens, so they can cause undesirable reactions.

    How to choose and store?

    When choosing goose eggs should be guided by the following criteria:

    • Place of purchase. In stores, this product is not for sale, so you have to go to the farmers market or fair. The seller must have documents confirming the origin of the eggs and their safety. You can also ask how the geese ate: if they consumed a sufficient amount of fresh greens, the smell and taste would be more pleasant.
    • Appearance. Eggs must be sufficiently clean, although pollution is still allowed and sometimes unavoidable, which is associated with the peculiarities of behavior and lifestyle of geese. Rate the shell: it should be uniform, dense, not having cracks and chips. Any damage to the shell can cause penetration of pathogenic microorganisms.
    • Smell. Starting cooking, appreciate it. Eggs should not smell like mold or rot if they are fresh.

    Another important question is how long do goose eggs store? First of all, you need to create optimal conditions: put the product in the refrigerator, preferably in a department with a temperature of about 2-10 degrees and a humidity of about 85 percent.In this case, the eggs will retain their beneficial properties for ten to fourteen days. It is advisable to eat the finished boiled product as soon as possible - in one or two days.

    How to use in cooking?

    Apply goose eggs can be almost the same as chicken. But they should be treated with care to minimize the bright characteristic flavor and smell. If you do not know what to cook from such a product, then try adding it to the pastry (in the dough or as a filling), various casseroles, salads and other dishes. Also, eggs can be boiled or fried, make omelets or scrambled eggs (it is better to supplement the main component with others to dilute the smell and taste).

    If you decide to cook eggs at home, it is important to know the optimal duration of heat treatment, which depends on the desired consistency of the finished product. So, soft-boiled eggs should be cooked under a lid for about fifteen minutes. And if you like the degree of readiness hard-boiled, then it will take about twenty-five minutes to boil.

    Important information: since geese are not the cleanest birds, they can be carriers of many infections, and some pathogens are present in eggs.To protect yourself and family, do not eat the product in its raw form: it must necessarily be subjected to heat treatment, and full and long enough.

    Tip: use these eggs in cosmetology, for example, for the preparation of nutritious and rejuvenating home masks.

    If you succeed in buying goose eggs, then you can use them correctly and profitably.

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