• What and what to eat?

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    What and what to eat?

    In our busy time at home, the question of choosing the appropriate cutlery for the occasion is solved very simply. What is there to think long, if we choose only between a fork and a spoon. Even the table knives somehow imperceptibly migrated to the cupboards, where the dishes for �guests� are kept.

    Each cultural person is obliged to know what and what they eat, so that they do not panic after they find themselves at the table set according to all the rules of etiquette. Remember all these wisdom is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

    What and what to eat: the rules of etiquette

    cutlery etiquette

    • Now let's talk about bread. It is necessary to take it from the general dish only with hands. Then the piece should be placed around itself on the bread plate. If there is none, then on the edge of its large plate. Biting off bread is considered a move. It is necessary to break off small pieces with his hands and send them into his mouth.
    • Canapes take hands and eat without any cutlery. Put big sandwiches on a plate and eat them with a knife and fork.
    • Salt from the salt shaker take a special spoon. No spoon - no problem.You can add salt to the tip of your knife, not forgetting to check whether it is clean.
    • Fried, boiled or baked meat eat with a knife and fork. An important detail - do not cut the whole portion at once into slices, the next piece should be cut off only after the previous one has been eaten. Products made from minced meat - all kinds of chops, cutlets, meatballs and schnitzels - are divided into parts with the edge of a fork.
    • We eat fried or boiled poultry not with our hands, as many people think, but with a knife and fork. We are not greedy - it is better to leave hardly separable pieces of meat on the bone, than to try to nibble them, for this is, frankly, unpleasant sight.
    • Now let's talk about fish. Culinary orthodox categorically claim that fish and knife are incompatible things. Although in recent years, many experts on etiquette allow the use of a knife for cutting cold delicatessen fish eateries, such as smoked eel or salted salmon, as well as for pickled herring. For portioned fried or boiled fish, a special fish knife is often served, which has a blunt blade in the shape of a scapula. If there is no such knife on the table, then for the convenience of cutting fish and gently separating bones, instead of a knife, you are allowed to use the second fork.
    • For soft-boiled eggs use special coasters in the form of glasses, they eat with the help of a small spoon. A variety of omelets and scrambled eggs are eaten with a single fork.
    • Special talent requires the process of eating spaghetti. You should not try to wind a ball of pasta on a fork and send it whole in your mouth. The consequences of such an attempt may be the saddest - soiled festive clothing and spoiled for the whole evening mood. To avoid such embarrassment, you need to use a fork and spoon. Holding the fork in your right hand, you gracefully twist a few spaghetti on it, and then, insuring this design from the bottom with a spoon, bring it to your mouth.
    • Another product that causes stupor in many people is watermelon. The first natural impulse is to take a cut lobule with both hands, bring it to your mouth and bite off a large piece of juicy flesh. But immediately comes the realization that this is probably wrong. Speaking about what they eat, we still mean more rules of behavior in a restaurant, although at home the above method would be quite appropriate. Watermelon should be treated as follows - it should be put flat on a plate and cut off small cubes of flesh with a knife, after which the seeds should be removed from them with a fruit fork, and then, again on the fork, send slices of watermelon into the mouth.

    rules of etiquette

    • Soup.Everything is pretty simple here - they eat it with soup spoon. Many are interested in the question of whether it is possible to tilt a bowl of soup and, if so, in which direction. Of course, you should not do this in a restaurant, it�s better to have some liquid left on the bottom. At home, you can gently tilt the plate, but only from yourself.
    • Salad with dressing eaten with a fork, while helping yourself with a knife. Leaf lettuce is eaten simply by hand, tearing small pieces from the leaves.
    • Cakes and pastries are best eaten with a special dessert fork. If this has not been filed, then it is possible to use a teaspoon.
    • And finally, another very important rule - never put all the treats that you would like to try on your plate at once. Slices of cheese lying in the meat salad next to the sprats and sausage - obviously a bad tone.

    We hope that our advice was useful to you, but if you, being a guest, still do not know what and what they eat, look at the hostess and act the same way as she.

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