• We bring the English style into your life (10 photos)

    England is an unusual country, probably, not to find another such one, in which everything will also be traditionally and “on the shelves”, its style, which has developed there for centuries, has now become the subject of world imitation and deep respect.

    Here you will not find youth explosive trends, bright colors and non-standard solutions, the British live in the traditions that consist of restraint, good breeding and coldness in reasoning.

    Features of a great country

    They had a considerable impact not only on the character and culture of the local population, but also on the aesthetic side of their life: the decoration and style of the interiors, the style of dress, even British music will be very different from the rest, everywhere there is its own flavor, its sophistication, its “handwriting” .

    If you ask in a nutshell to describe the English style, then it probably will be two main epithets: restraint and elegance, and it does not matter at all, we are talking about the interior or about the style of clothing.

    The English are famous for their mannerisms, irreproachable upbringing, stiffness and practicality, which fully affects their appearance and home environment, it is unlikely that you will meet a large number of "non-standard" young people, because these people, regardless of age, really appreciate the quality and comfort.

    In English or British style, like a fish in the water, such people can feel themselves, but the eccentric, quick-tempered and emotional natures, most likely, will have to find something more "free" and "unconventional." However, all the beauty and peculiarity of this style is in its restraint, tradition and irreproachability, the absence of screaming forms and objects, and many will agree that it is really fine.

    English style in the interior space

    The formation of this direction was influenced by two epochs - the Georgian and the Victorian, each left its contribution to the art of home design, combining a variety of styles from different eras and countries, the English style managed to acquire its uniqueness and originality.

    No cage anywhere

    For example, the Georgian era was distinguished for its majesty, symmetry and restraint, just the same features that formed the basis of the style in question.

    But during the reign of Queen Victoria in the middle of the XIX century, when the flowering of the Victorian style occurred, the habit to demonstrate its status and wealth became fashionable, expensive interior items became popular, they invested a lot of money and considered affordable "luxury."

    Details play a role

    It was during this period that the balance was found, the main features that we used to observe in modern English style - technical innovations bordering on aristocratic pomp.

    Remember, if you want to decorate your house or apartment in the English style, then you will have to spend money, it will require considerable expenses, but in the end, it will please its owner with elite outlines and respectable notes.

    You should also know that this is not the case when the style can be made with small strokes or additions, this is exactly the case where the style must be “maintained” to the full extent, since it combines poorly with the rest of the design and interior design, and sometimes ridiculous.

    Classic interior

    You can not arrange in the English style only the kitchen or just the living room, if you really want to emphasize your status and refined taste, then get ready for a complete reworking of your entire home.It is very difficult to list all the subtleties and characteristics of this area, but you can recall the individual and main elements that fully characterize the British style.

    First of all, if we are talking about the living room, then this is, of course, a fireplace. Without this home attribute, English houses rarely do, because the climate in England is different with chilliness and frequent rains. The British usually use a real fireplace, without replacing it with an electric one, in the decoration they use only natural and natural materials - stone or wood.

    Warm home

    All the sofas and armchairs in the room turn to the fireplace, it essentially becomes the semantic center of the room where family members gather, drink tea and communicate. As for sofas, the traditional model is particularly famous and popular - the Chesterfield sofa, which is characterized by the presence of quilted elements and characteristic shapes, it is better that it is made of natural upholstery of dark colors.

    We can not say about the fireplace seats, which deserve special attention in the English atmosphere. Such an attribute of home interior is always upholstered with expensive materials - velvet or leather, and is also equipped with curved legs, soft stuffed armrests.

    Coziness and comfort

    The bedroom in the English style is always equipped with a large double bed, which is often decorated with a chic canopy. Mandatory accessories are all kinds of stained glass inserts on the ceiling, brushes on pillows and carpets, tapestries and heavy curtains.

    In the interior of rooms must be used only natural materials, in particular, dark wood. As for the colors of textiles, furniture and walls, here it is necessary to feel the measure, mainly natural colors are used: cream, brown, dark green, yellow, ivory, gold. Possible blotches of red or terracotta.

    Cozy kitchen

    English style in clothes

    Features of the English style in clothes are also closely intertwined with the character and mentality of the British themselves: practicality, impeccability and accuracy of the lines, elegance, simplicity and minimum of cuts, cuts.

    The modern English lady always looks decent and interesting, in spite of the fact that she never seduces and does not flirt, avoids outright outfits and excessively short skirts, she is always able to intrigue and cause genuine interest.What is hidden behind a shallow neckline?

    There is something in this style

    A playful skirt just below the knee provoke interest in its owner, smooth curves of the hips and other parts of the figure, all the advantages are emphasized, but do not shout about yourself, there is always a place for mystery and fantasy.

    A modern Englishwoman, even young enough, will not wear baggy or translucent dresses, modern creative is not for her, because she has the grace in every detail, from the button to the dress, to the fabric and the style.

    Minimalism is perfect

    Fashion in England is based on ideal features: the thing should sit immaculately, be of excellent quality and be practical, hardly on the streets of this country you will meet a young lady in open sandals on a tall hairpin.

    If the shoes, they should be closed, if the heel is open, then the sock is necessarily closed and vice versa. In favor, comfortable and stylish shoes - oxfords, sleepers, boots with heels or low speed, pumps.

    Laconic image

    All things in the English wardrobe are characterized by fitted silhouettes, and colors with restrained colors, you can not do without the traditional English cell. Pay special attention to accessories: hats of various shapes, scarves on the head and neck, as well as modest but expensive jewelry.

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