• Warming Grog: Recipes

    Cooking a favorite drink of English sailors - grog. Here are the best recipes for a warming alcoholic cocktail.
    Grog recipe
    Grog recipe

    History of grog

    Old Grog (English Old Grog) - this is the nickname received by the vice-admiral of the British fleet Edward Vernon (1684-1757) for his habit of not getting out of his raincoat (called in English grogam cloak).

    In those distant times, a mandatory portion of good old rum was included in the daily ration of seamen, which made them waddle to the beach. To stop drunkenness and disciplinary offenses, Vice Admiral Vernon ordered that rum be diluted with cold or hot water, depending on the season. Hot version attracted sailors more. So the grog appeared, which began its victorious march not only by sea, but also on land.

    By the way:

    Rum was part of the daily diet of sailors of the royal fleet before the abolition of this rule on July 31, 1970.

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