• Painting the walls with liquid wallpaper (Repair of the room)

    Wall painting with liquid wallpaper.

    Materials and tools:

    1. Wall;
    2. Liquid wallpaper;
    3. White oil paint, White Spirit and primer with antiseptic;
    4. Roller and brushes of various thickness;
    5. A3 paper and pencil and eraser, ruler and other drawing tools;
    6. Tool for working with liquid wallpaper;
    7. The colors of the desired colors.

    Step 1

    Prepare the wall: remove old wallpaper, putty, plaster, degrease with primer and cover with white oil paint.

    Now the wall will serve as a canvas.

    The wall should be measured in length and height.

    Determine the scale of the wall

    In this MK scale = 1x10.

    Wall = 420 x 250cm.

    Therefore: 420 \ 10 = 42; 250 \ 10 = 25

    Step 2

    On a piece of paper, draw a 42x25 rectangle (if there is not enough paper, you need to glue the missing size) or scale down.

    Divide the rectangle into equal parts to make small equal rectangles.

    Parts of the ornament will be drawn into these rectangles.

    Step 3

    Stencils for leaves and birds:

    On a piece of paper, draw 2 or 3 wood leaves of different sizes ..

    Tape the images with tape on both sides and cut off the excess tape smoothly. Cut the leaves. We are interested in the hole left on the paper.

    Our stencil is ready and it can be applied to the wall and mark out beautiful leaves and birds.

    Step 4

    Now the ornament must be transferred to the wall. To do this, you need to line the wall into squares on a scale of 1: 1, as well as on the scale sketch.

    Step 5

    After the wall is lined, it is necessary to apply the elements of the ornament according to the sketch. Each square has its own element. Strongly on the pencil should not be pressed. After the ornament on the wall meets the requirements, it is necessary with the help of tailors (cutters) patterns to highlight the lines more intensively. Using a pencil 2M, 3M

    For clarity, the ornament can be painted over with diluted gouache, give tone.

    Next, the ornament can be covered with m paint and paint diluted in White Spirit. Now the ornament is visible and no spots will appear on the top of the wallpaper.

    Step 6

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