• Vegetable pancakes with Adyghe cheese and peas

    Photo: Elena Moskalenko
    Jerusalem artichoke400 gramsCheese (Adyghe)200 gramsGreen Peas (Fresh or Frozen)100 gramsChicken eggs2 piecesGarlic2 teethOnion (dried)1 tbsp.Ground black pepper1 pinchOil (mustard)
    For filing
    Horseradish (root) (creamy)Sour cream
    • Servings:

    Fantasy and very useful! The “body” of these pancakes is the Jerusalem artichoke and the Adyghe cheese.


    Jerusalem artichoke and Adygei cheese grate on a coarse grater.

    Peas choose from pods. If you use frozen, then first let it thaw, throwing it back on a sieve.

    Mix Adygei cheese, grated Jerusalem artichoke and peas, beat eggs, salt and season with pepper, garlic and dried onions.

    Heat the mustard oil moderately, fry pancakes on both sides to a light blush, spreading out with a tablespoon.

    For serving in a creamy horseradish mix sour cream.

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