Top 5 Endometriosis Facts You NEED to Know


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I predict I am going to be busy for quite a while, so I may not check in as often - I might once a day.
Here's my basic , if you were looking for it. I will try to get back to you in 24 hours, but no promises!

At 03:24, Oct 04, 2019


Cat therapy and cayenne pepper? Sounds like our house. Not so much with the lifting weights though... weakling here.

Been cooking much, then? Or just garnishing with cayenne at the table, hah.

Yeah we were pretty stoked that it was empty up there... especially traveling with the baby. Driving for four hours was a risk regardless, so it really helped not getting stuck in traffic! She was a champ though... slept pretty well on the drive, liked seeing things through the window and once we got there, and enjoyed exploring the Airbnb we stayed in. Got totally filthy crawling around the place, but that’s fair game in a cabin in the woods, right?

At 03:28, Oct 04, 2019


Hey can you be honest? are you a bot or real? you dont have to answer

At 05:05, Oct 04, 2019


Hi. It would be wonderful if you tell me the motto of this page. Could you please do that?

At 07:58, Oct 04, 2019


good things,came to good people

At 09:53, Oct 04, 2019


I just wonder what is this page?

At 21:53, Oct 06, 2019


yo damn girl thanks for dat welcome wohoo

At 23:24, Oct 06, 2019


hi how do u know if a boy loves the way you dress

At 23:49, Oct 06, 2019



At 23:50, Oct 06, 2019


how long have yall been up here

At 19:25, Oct 11, 2019


Hey! I wrote a post mentioning you today, but I messed up the tagging and had to edit it, so I'm not sure if you got a notification. Just in case you didn't,  :)

At 03:39, Oct 14, 2019


Man ya, you are almost #wikiOld!

Haha totally with you on the immune system benefits... we’re going with that! She’s def an adventurer and explorer so hopefully it all pays off with knowledge gained and/or immune system strengthened.

A car trip is always a good reason for snacks and treats and naps! Til you have to do any driving, hah. Enjoy it while you have other people to take care do the driving :)

All good ‘round here! The babe has a bit of a weird rash that seems to be itchy, but doctor says it’s no big deal and will go away soon- it just means we skipped her usual swimming class today, to be on the safe side. Other than that, she’s in good spirits, so adventuring on as usual!

At 03:57, Oct 14, 2019


Hahaha sorry, catching you unexpectedly! But I poke in around family things and baby things... right now I’m waiting for the kettle to boil for some tea. Perfect time to check the email, right? ;)

I hope the trip was good, anyway? Have fun?

At 03:59, Oct 14, 2019


lol you can tell it’s messages from my phone on evenings/weekends - rather than my laptop - because I end up with autocorrect fails like ‘take care do’ instead of ‘take care of’!

At 04:04, Oct 14, 2019


Ok thx

At 04:39, Oct 14, 2019


Why i cannot view the picture? What is the problem? I just want to know how. Like creating a paper flower😢😢😢

At 04:39, Oct 14, 2019


Why i cannot view the picture? What is the problem? I just want to know how. Like creating a paper flower😢😢😢

At 05:17, Oct 14, 2019


Hello! H ow do i get articles i need the most

At 07:05, Oct 14, 2019


Hey Caeiia,

I am glad that you are back. I hope your exams went well.

Thanks for the kind words. :D

At 23:35, Oct 14, 2019


Spanglish autocorrect plus Chinese in the mix... that’s next level!

Glad the trip was good! Sounds like a fun time all around, even the nap (or especially the nap?).

We went to the circus today! Just a small local one. Only made it halfway through before the babe had had enough, but it was still fun :)

At 23:44, Oct 14, 2019


Can you save instructions so the pictures still move

At 23:52, Oct 14, 2019


Aw kittens, they sound so sweet. And so much floofier and cuter and more social than your average grownup cat.

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