• Types of air humidifiers

    Types of humidifiers
    During periods of heat and high temperatures, there is a particularly strong lack of moisture in the air. But even in winter, the air in urban apartments and other closed spaces is very dry, and the humidity rarely rises above 35%. This adversely affects the health and human health. This especially affects children. Doctors advise to moisten the air artificially in case of diseases of the respiratory system and during periods when the humidity of the air becomes low. In the presence of dry air in the room may develop allergies, asthma and other diseases associated with the process of respiration. Previously, to saturate the air, moisture was placed around the room with jars of water and hanging wet towels, but this method is ineffective. Now humidifiers are widely used. What are they like? Humidifiers come in 3 types: traditional, steam and ultrasonic. Traditional devices humidify the air when running water through a system of filters that are blown by a fan. They are completed with a cassette with filters. When the fan is working, significant noise is generated, and therefore it is uncomfortable to use it at a quiet time of day. But it costs much less than ultrasonic. Steam humidifiers do not require filter replacement and are capable of humidifying a room with a large volume. But these devices get very hot during operation and have a high power consumption. Ultrasonic humidifiers spray (break) water into microparticles and water enters the room as steam. In many devices there is a function of steam heating. In such devices, as a rule, there is an electronic board where humidity and current settings are displayed. Inside the case there is a humidity sensor, from which information is displayed on the board, and an electronic control circuit. Such units are able to moisten large rooms by volume. It requires control of the water level in the tank and its timely filling. All types of humidifiers have different types of design, so you can choose a device that will appeal to a particular buyer.

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