• Top 10 rules for fulfilling your desires

    We all have desires, because living without them is boring and uninteresting. But why do some of them perform, while others can only hope and wait? There are some rules that will help to achieve what you want.

    10 rules for the fulfillment of secret desires:

    1. Desires must be feasible and real, only in this case they can come true. That is, if you want, for example, to become lower, then this is unlikely to be possible. In other words, you should not want what happens in principle can not. But the desire to increase revenues, moving up the career ladder or acquiring some thing is quite real, so it will certainly be fulfilled under certain conditions.
    2. Desire must be concretized, clear and properly formulated. In fact, it should become some kind of your message to the Universe or to God. And if you can not clearly formulate your thoughts, then your message will simply not be read and understood, and because of this the desire will not be fulfilled.Of course, you can not believe in a higher power, it is your complete right. But concretization is necessary in any case, since only clearly defined goals become achievable. That is, if you specifically indicate what you need, you will be able to find out exactly how this can be achieved. And this will undoubtedly contribute to the implementation of the desired. So if you want a car, then dream about a particular car of a particular brand and a certain color. And do not use the particle "not", otherwise the desire will be perceived by your brain and the universe wrong.
    3. Tune in to success. If you wish, but at the same time initially think about what you do not succeed in, and constantly doubt, then the desire will definitely not be fulfilled. Correct, that is, a positive attitude can work wonders. So, there are cases when belief in oneself and confidence in a bright future helped almost hopeless patients to come back to life and literally get back to their feet. But to fulfill the desire for an optimistic attitude will definitely help, you'll see! And with positive thoughts to dream and wait for the realization of desires is much more pleasant.
    4. Take Action! Do not be surprised that desire is not fulfilled if you do nothing for this. Ginna, unfortunately, does not exist, so no one will do anything for you. So if you, for example, dream of becoming more attractive and slimmer, then while continuing to eat the rolls, do not expect a miracle. Instead, start to follow a diet, do not eat in the evening, move more and sign up to the gym. In this case, continue to dream and, of course, to strive. But in no case give up, even if it seems that nothing will work out. Act, and very soon you will notice that there are a few steps left before the wish is fulfilled. And after some time you will achieve the desired.
    5. Use visualization. If you not only realize, but constantly see your desires, but they will be fulfilled much faster. This technique is a great incentive, and the right motivation is very important. You can visualize what you want in different ways. The simplest method is photos or pictures. For example, if you are dreaming of becoming a millionaire, then hang a picture of a bag of money on the wall. A more complicated way is a poster of desires.To make it, take a large piece of paper, divide it into several parts, each of which will correspond to a specific area of ​​your life (career, income, personal life, study, and so on). And in each element, place the pictures that personify the fulfillment of desires. For example, in the “privacy” segment you can place yourself in a wedding dress. You can make such an image with the help of a special computer program or with the help of scissors and glue, cutting out the silhouette of a girl in a dress and attaching your head to it. Then sign the picture, but as if the wish had already come true. For example, write: "I am married and happy." When you make a poster, place it in a prominent place and look at it as often as possible and imagine that the desire is fulfilled.
    6. Be patient. Many, tired of waiting and dreaming, simply forget about their desires and cease to strive for their realization. And this, of course, does not help achieve the desired. You should not expect that everything will be the way you want, tomorrow or in a few days. Perhaps everything will change in just a few months or even in a year. But the longer the wait, the more joyful will be the fulfillment of desire.
    7. Assess your capabilities soberly. For example, do not wish to become president if you do not have a higher education, and you do not understand anything in politics. In other words, if you are not sure that you can accept what you so strongly want, then it is better to switch to something else. For example, if you dream of a personal car, but do not know how to drive or even imagine yourself driving, then first sign up for a driving school and learn the basics of driving. And already with a driver's license on hand, start to desire a car.
    8. Wish only good. Remember that the negative poisons our life and spoils health, so if you want to make someone worse (for example, they fired your colleague), then nothing good will come of it. Remember that on another misfortune to build happiness will not work. And do not forget about the rule of the boomerang. All the worst that you wish to someone, can return to you, and in the increased size.
    9. Do not make a few desires. In this case, you can simply get confused. As you know, if you chase after two hares, then you can not catch a single one. Act in stages. First make one wish.Let it be small, but it will be fulfilled soon (of course, on the condition of your efforts). Then you can go to the second wish, and when it is fulfilled, go to the third. Do not want everything at once, it is wrong and illogical.
    10. Thinking is both about the desires themselves, and about the means to achieve the goals, as well as the conditions under which the desired will be received. In doing so, you should describe everything in detail and clearly. For example, if you dream of a car, then imagine how you make money on it, how to save it. And if you want to find a job, then imagine that you got it, but think about how you got it (for example, you completed some difficult task). Be sure to describe the conditions of work in your mind: a convenient schedule, a high salary (preferably a specific figure), a building next to the house, a comfortable office.

    May all your wishes come true. And help in this listed above rules.

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