• Top 10 reasons to start a life together with your loved one

    Each of us in a relationship with the opposite sex sometime comes the moment of rethinking. The candy-bouquet period begins to fade, new thoughts and needs appear, and the languid expectation of a new meeting with a loved one is no longer as romantic as before.

    And this does not mean that you have fallen out of love or the relationship is no longer the same; it is quite possible that you are just approaching their new stage - living together.

    Joint life is a complex and very controversial concept, which each of us causes many contradictions. To comprehend everything and make the right decision - it may take a lot of time and mental energy. We weighed the pros and cons, and identified 10 reasons that stand on the side of living together with your boyfriend.

    • Joint budgets. Perhaps the very first thing you will encounter is the pool of available financial resources. And, I must say, this is not so bad, especially if everyone successfully contributes to the common “treasury”.Now all expensive purchases become easier to buy (TV, refrigerator, sofa, and so on), because you, in fact, buy them for two, which is much more profitable than pulling it all alone.
    • Saving. Now, when you wake up every morning together, and your toothbrushes are firmly settled in a shared bathroom, you don’t have to spend large sums of money on every date: restaurants, flowers, new things, beauty salons or taxis, if you have to return home late. No one says that all this should disappear completely, but, in any case, it can be reduced to quite a reasonable framework, which each couple determines on its own.
    • Why else should start living together? At least because it's convenient! Households, which previously had to be done by one, can now be divided into two, while everyone can do what he likes more: if a guy likes to cook, then why not he sometimes indulge his favorite tasty dinner? And so on!
    • Loneliness is sad. It has long been known that together it is always more fun, of course, sometimes you want to be alone with yourself, but this is only sometimes, and, in general, returning to the apartment where your loved one is waiting for you with a cup of hot tea and delicious cookies is much more pleasant.
    • Of course, long goodbyes under the porch is very romantic, but falling asleep together in one bed is generally priceless. By the way, and for regular sexual life - this is also a significant plus.
    • Living together is an opportunity to spend more time together. Unfortunately, in the pace of modern life, we are not always able to devote as much free time to our halves as we would like: work, study, or any other worries take too many precious minutes. If you finally decide to come together on a common area, then the joint time will turn out much more, because even then, when you do not have the strength to go for a walk or a cafe, you can comfortably sit on the sofa while watching the show together!
    • Care. It's so nice to come home from work and get a hearty dinner, get sick and see how your half tries to help you with all its strength by changing mugs with hot tea and sweet raspberries.
    • Now it’s not at all necessary to come up with a script for the next weekend, because sometimes, after a hard week of work, you want to spend them in a calm, cozy and homely atmosphere, but at the same time, stay with your partner.
    • Joint life is an opportunity to acquire new hobbies. It is possible that your half will be able to draw your attention to things that you did not notice before: for example, you suddenly like symphonic music or will be interested in the subtleties of football.
    • If you decide to formalize your relationship officially, then you should know that sometimes the ring on the right finger is also a small helper in moving up the career ladder. The fact is that family people, so it has become the custom, are considered to be more serious and collected in all respects, which means that they are the first candidates for promotion and responsible positions.

    In any case, a joint family life is a responsible thing, so you need to approach it with all seriousness and awareness if you do not want to spoil, perhaps, really important relationships in your life.

    It cannot be said that living together is so easy, except for the advantages, of course, there are also disadvantages that you need to be able to cope with. And if you succeed in this, consider that you are ready for a happy family life.

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