• Top 10 best comedies of 2013-2014

    Watching comedies helps to raise your spirits, and sometimes to reconsider some views on life and it’s easier to treat everything. But comedy must be funny. We invite you to find out what those are.

    Top 10 most funny comedies:

    1. "Macho and Botan 2". We all remember the story of two crazy cops. Greg Jenco and Morton Schmidt continue to work for the police, although the boss wants to get rid of this couple as soon as possible. But still there is a task, as if specially designed for Morton and Greg.

    "Macho and Botan 2"

    They must infiltrate one of the universities of the state and work there under cover. This kind of work is suitable for young people and is familiar to them, so partners begin to perform the task.

    It is simple, but still there are some difficulties. Yes, and how to calculate the sellers of drugs and look for dealers, when around the booze, chic girls and constant get-togethers? And yet Morton and Greg succeed in not only completing the task, but even checking out their friendship.

    2“The End of the World 2013: the Hollywood Apocalypse”. The characters of the comedy are real and fairly well-known American actors who play the role of themselves. Jay Baruchel arrives in Los Angeles for his friend Seth Rogen's housewarming party. James Franco decides to have a party and invites many famous people.

    The end of the world 2013

    Stars gather, have fun, drink, dance and use drugs. In general, everyone “comes off to the fullest”, because the end of the world, which prophesied Maya, is coming. Jay Baruchel and Seth break out of the crowd and go for a cigarette, but the store sees several customers stealing mysterious bright rays of light. And even later the earthquake begins, and everyone starts to think how to save their lives.

    3. "We are Millers". This comedy is not without reason included in the list of the best, it is really ridiculous. Light drugs dealer David Clark sells his goods to housewives and work-weary workers tired of their work. David wants to make a lot of money in an illegal way and at the same time stay clean before the law and do nothing.

    We are the Millers

    But it turns out that the guy owes a large amount of money to his supplier.He offers David for pardon the debt to transport a batch of marijuana from Mexico.


    An enterprising guy is working out a plan and finding a fictitious family consisting of Casey's homeless rebel, a young and inexperienced Kenny and dreaming of easy money stripper Rose. Everyone is ready to work, but they are not exactly ready for the difficulties that they face when doing the job.

    4.Comedy Top rated"Neighbors. On the warpath ". Neighbors are noisy, quiet or very violent. And all men can be divided into two types: bachelors and married. The latter usually spend their days with their children and their wife, while the former tend to conquer women's hearts.

    Neighbors. On the warpath

    A peaceful and quiet family lived a quiet life, until a rowdy company of young people settled in the neighborhood, which every evening arranged parties and, of course, prevented their neighbors from living. First, the head of the family goes to a peaceful conversation, but then decides to fight with noisy neighbors by other methods. As a result, the real war began!

    5. Rating of interesting and funny comedies continues the film"Home video". The main characters of the picture are a married couple.It started in young people everything was stormy and passionate: nights of love, kisses, dates, and so on. Lovers Jay and Annie decide to get married and have children.

    Home video

    And after years the spouses discover that the former passion has faded. And then, to rekindle the fire of love, Jay and Enie decide to diversify their sex life. They decide to make an adult video. The night was great, but only the video fell on the tablets of relatives and colleagues of the couple.

    6. "The Bachelor Party: Part 3"also included in the list of youth comedies. This time there will be no weddings and bachelor parties in the film, but how can a “wolf pack” do without adventures? And, of course, not without them.

    Bachelor party part 3

    Alan's friends are taking him for treatment at a psychiatric clinic, but on the way friends are attacked by the heroes of the last part of the Marshal and his assistant. Criminals take hostage of one of the young people, and go in search of Chao with gold. Friends, of course, can not miss the opportunity to have fun in one of the towns of Mexico. As a result, again a spree, incredible events and incidents.

    7. "21 and more". Three friends meet and decide to celebrate the coming of age of one of them.The life of each of them boils and boils, but there was, of course, time to meet with the comrades.

    21 and older

    Cayce and Miles are trying to persuade Jeff Cheng to “break away” to the fullest, but he cannot do this, because the next day he will have to have a serious interview, on which the whole future life of the young man and the opinion of his father depend.

    As a result, friends manage to persuade Jeff, and he goes to a bar, but with the condition that he will stay there just a couple of hours. As a result, Cheng gets drunk and stands on his feet with difficulty. Deciding to get home, the guy gets into a funny and sometimes ridiculous situations.

    8. Comedy list continues"Very scary movie 5". This film has become a parody of several thrillers and horror films. The main characters of the picture - Jody and Dan. They are happily married, have recently become parents and have just brought their baby home. But soon Jodie notices that something strange is going on in the house, she feels the presence of otherworldly forces.

    Very scary movie 5

    Spouses decide to seek help from psychics. But not all “professionals” are conscientious, there are also frank charlatans. As a result, the couple decides to place cameras around the house in order to understand what strange things are happening in their absence.

    9. “Unbearable grandfather”. Quite a strange and contradictory, but still funny movie.The protagonist, old man Irving Zisman, becomes a widower, but does not grieve over this, but continues to live a full life, which after the death of the spouse becomes even more diverse.

    Unbearable grandfather

    But suddenly Irving's daughter is put in jail, and the old man needs to take his grandson to his father. The road to the destination was fun and full of surprises. The grandfather in his 86 years is not at all inferior to young guys: he drinks alcohol, steals food from supermarkets, steals young girls and performs other stupid acts. Not the best example for a grandson, but still a boy with his grandfather fun.

    10. "Armageddetz"- the story of five school friends who get together and decide to diversify their lives, making a record. But this is not a sporting achievement or a unique skill. Friends decide to bypass the twelve bars of the city and drink as much alcohol as possible.


    The record was almost a success, but the last bar with the interesting name “Armageddet” turned out to be inaccessible. Years later, friends meet again and still plan to carry out their plans. But the years are not the same, and the city has changed. Yet former classmates manage to find a lot of adventure.And “Armageddet” in this case is inevitable.

    This is our rating of funny comedies. Now you write about what movies you like.

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