• Tip 2: Interior with floral wallpaper

    The fashion for strict lines and high technology comes and goes, but the classic interior solutions always remain relevant. Only the drawing technique and its size changes, but the floral and vegetative themes do not lose ground to this day.
    Interior with floral wallpaper

    Wallpaper with flowers can be used in different styles of interior. Fans of exotic, strict classics and urban minimalism can easily choose their option to create an interesting interior room.

    In the bedroom, floral wallpaper will help create a cozy Provence style. Images should be as simple as possible, flowers of small sizes and characteristic colors. These are, as a rule, wildflowers, natural shades and other plant elements.

    Good wallpaper with flowers will fit into the interior in a country style. There should already prevail warm, rich colors. You can choose as a small picture, and larger.

    Wallpapers with fairly large flowers usually glue on one wall, creating an accent on it.Based on the type of pattern, these wallpapers can be used to create styles such as minimalism, art deco, modern. More exotic exotic motifs: large rosebuds, orchids, callas, or other unusual beautiful plants.

    Wallpaper chinoiserie with large flowers will be interesting to fans of the exotic. These are Chinese wallpapers that complement well the oriental interior, and any other. The classic version is red and black colors, but other colors are available to choose from.

    Wallpapers for placement in a tropical style should be bright, with rich colors. Exotic flowers should be depicted; turquoise, lime, fuchsia, mint or bright citrus shades are suitable from shades.

    Floral wallpaper can harmoniously fit even in the interior with the Scandinavian style. A small pattern in pastel colors on a white background will dilute the white color, filling the room with comfort.

    Tip 3: Kitchen interior in red and black

    It is not often meet the kitchen in red and black color, although this design looks stylish, modern and spectacular. This design solution wins thanks to a bright combination of contrasts, so if you want to deviate from the standards, the red and black kitchen is for you!
    Kitchen interior in red and black
    Kitchen interior in red and black
    Yes, such a kitchen is not very suitable for a quiet family gathering, but it gives its owners activity and energy. This kitchen is suitable for courageous, creative and extraordinary people, because it will require a certain amount of courage to decide to arrange the room in such colors. But, as it is correct, the result of this decision exceeds all expectations, the interior of the red and black kitchen will be the envy of friends.
    Wallpaper for the red-black kitchen
    It is better to stop the choice on light shades of pearl white, milky or gray. After all, light wallpaper will visually help to increase the kitchen space, diluting the contrasting colors.
    Set for a red-black kitchen
    As for the furniture, there are quite a few options here - this is a black kitchen with a red worktop, and a red top with a black bottom. You can look at the corner headsets in red and black - they are unusual and spectacular. In the design of such a kitchen a stylish addition will be transparent or frosted glass, elements of stainless steel or metal, laminate of light shades or natural wood.
    The choice of lighting must be approached seriously.Spot lights and lamps in suitable places will add light and enliven the kitchen, it will become cozier and warmer. Proper lighting helps to correct uncomfortable room geometry. There should be plenty of natural light in the red and black kitchen. Stained interior doors and large windows - this is the best option.

    Tip 4: Art Deco Bedroom Interior

    The bedroom is an individual resting place for one or two people. In this room, you can fully reveal the individuality by choosing the design that you like exactly.
    Art Deco Bedroom Interior

    Art Deco is a style that speaks a lot about you as a person, because it is quite rare in our interiors. This is a choice of brave and creative people.

    Translated from the French art deco means decorative art. Almost the whole bedroom will have to be decorated on their own, here there is room for creativity for people who adore the hand-made.

    So, the overall atmosphere of the bedroom in the art deco style should be very elegant, rich in drawings, often in the design there is silver, gold, crystal. There must be a lot of trinkets.This is not the style in which minimalism is welcomed; a bare wall with one photo is not for an art deco style. The walls in the bedroom are interior decoration - decorate them with wallpaper with an active pattern or decorative ornament.

    The color scheme of the bedroom can be varied, but more often it is a contrasting tone, the decorations should stand out in the room. Combinations choose any - from black and white to red with pink.

    The bed is the main subject of the bedroom interior, it should stand out with a beautiful headboard, an elegant, richly embroidered bedspread. Buy bedside tables of unusual smooth forms.

    If you have a wardrobe in the bedroom, you can not do with mirrored or wooden facades - decorate them with photo printing or ornament. The chandelier should be beautiful and big, perfect if it is crystal. And of course, the curtains should stand out on the windows - choose bright curtains with a pattern.

    Remember that in the bedroom in the art deco style there must be a lot of accessories. On each wall should be located some accessory, art deco does not accept empty walls.

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    Tip 5: How to choose the wallpaper to the interior?

    Finding an interesting color solution for your apartment is not an easy task. If you want to create harmony and comfort in the room, then you need to very carefully approach the choice of wallpaper. The choice will be influenced by many different factors: the size and shape of the premises, purpose, lighting and much more.
    How to choose wallpaper for the interior?
    Beautiful wallpaper on the wall should not be bright. The beauty can be brought into the kitchen, but for the hallway it is best to choose wallpaper in dark colors. The design of the apartments looks very good in uniform colors - cream, light green, blue. A good option is the following combination: golden brown or light brown for the room, orange for the kitchen and brown for the hallway. Adjacent wallpapers are best pasted close to or similar in tone, for example, red and brown, blue and purple, red and brown, and so on.
    How to choose wallpaper for the kitchen? The kitchen requires special treatment. Usually they stick elegant and bright wallpapers in it. True, the wallpaper in the kitchen is not needed everywhere. For example, near the sink for dishes, as a rule, glue plastic or ceramic tiles.
    Special design requires a children's room.It should be light, and to approach in age to its inhabitants. Wall-paper for children's walls can be beige, pink or light yellow. Well, if the walls will be wallpaper with some animals or fairy-tale characters. Small children always love to look at kittens, bears, dogs and other children's drawings. The floral pattern on the wallpaper also looks good in the children's room.
    If we talk about cabinets, then the dark wallpaper would be the most appropriate for them - brown, blue, dark green. Considering the area and illumination of the study, you can choose a grid, a geometric pattern, light blue or grayish-blue wallpaper.
    Helpful advice
    A few tips on wallpaper design:
    - Frequently and large elements significantly reduce the space, but small ones on the contrary - expand and discharge;
    - visually reduce the total volume of the room vertical stripes;
    - the height of the room is reduced by horizontal stripes;
    - those wallpapers that have a small pattern contribute to the establishment of emotional balance;
    - the smaller the room, the wallpaper should be brighter, and their design smaller.

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