• Bird of Threads

    Try to make a beautiful bird out of threads. The craft turns out interesting, the manufacturing process is fascinating. You can even include children of primary school age in the work. Prepare such materials: - threads of different shades; - scissors; - black beads; - wire; - glue PVA; - a sheet of paper.
     bird of threads
    The color of the threads depends on what kind of bird you want to make. Therefore, before manufacturing, carefully consider the natural image of the object and select the appropriate shades of yarn. The thicker the thread, the more voluminous the bird will be. For example, for a chaffinch you need to use gray, brown, red and black yarn. Connect the brown and red threads and make 35 turns around the wide part of the palm.
     bird of threads
    You can also use cardboard rectangles of the desired length for you. Cut the threads on one side. This will result in a long blank. Make same gray.
    bird of threads
    And black.
     bird of threads
    Put the gray threads on the brown ones. It turns out a plus sign.
    bird of threads
    Collect all the brown threads in a bundle (gray inside) and tie with thread.

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