• These "Clones" of pets delight their owners. Find the difference!

    Many owners love their pets so much that they are ready to buy them all the best! They miss them when traveling, and cannot sleep until they admire their photos. The company offers to make a mini-copy of your pet, which you can always carry with you. Or maybe you want to surprise your pet and show him its mini-version?

    To make a copy, you just need to send a few photos to the company that show your cat or dog from different angles. You will make an animal according to your parameters. This may be a reduced copy, or a full-length pet.

    You can even make a copy of those pets that are no longer with you. And forever preserve the memory of them in your home.

    Prices for such copies start at about $ 170, if you have a small animal like a guinea pig."Clone" a dog or cat will cost from $ 250. If desired, and financially, you can recreate even your favorite horse.

    The company can make a toy with the image of your pet, or put it on slippers, or other things.

    For example, here the image of a dog is decorated with a sock for gifts. Probably gifts are intended for the four-legged friend.
    By uploading photos of pets to the company's website, you can get a toy in a few days.

    Crazy pets will definitely appreciate this idea. This horse looks incredibly cute!

    A rabbit can not be distinguished from the present.

    You can even "clone" a lizard.
    And a decorative pig.

    Cats out of competition!

    And of course guinea pigs.

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