• Tilda doll in the interior

    Decoration of the room can be a wonderful pastime, as well as help to fully reveal the personal personality. Any room is really stylishly embellished and effectively set it apart from the rest of the dwellings for all the neighbors to envy. You can use almost everything that the soul desires, there are no principles here.

    Including, special interior dolls often come to the rescue - all the more so since there are no limitations in choosing: the variety of shades, dimensions and styles of these toys will certainly satisfy even the most picky ones. See also Handmade photo.


    Dolls in the interior

    Dolls bring diversity to the interior is not the first century. However, the apartment is not a toy store, and we should not forget about the sense of proportion and sense of taste. Do not make the interior of the whole house.



    However, if you put a rag beauty in a good place, there will not only be a positive effect on the mood of children, but also refresh the design of the room, attracting everyone’s attention.


    Everyone chooses what most suits their preferences: one spreads around the room of small fairies and angels, and the other will give a second life to the once dusty in a children's closet figures of little men in military uniform or robots.

    But the Tilda doll is currently considered the most popular.


    Norwegian beauty Tilda doll in the interior

    The principle of the creation of Tild is very simple. Only one single skill is needed - to sew. The first such doll was born in the hands of the Norwegian needlewoman Tone Finnanger in the nineties of the twentieth century.

    A beautiful angel sewn to Tone was loved by everyone and eventually became the impetus for creating an entire industry. According to the canon Tilda masters give birth to girls and girls, but to create a mischievous boy or animal is easy.

    In the homemade delight you can embody any image, starting a princess and a bather at the height of the beach season, and ending with a lady of the Renaissance and the future mother. The angels of this brand must have wings of cotton, this distinguishes them from tild people.


     Tilda doll in the interior


    A special place in the direction is occupied by animals: cats, bears, sperm whales, elephants. Like the dolls, the Tilda beasts have a small head and elongated limbs. Most often hairs are not sewn to animals, but dressing a bear or puppy in a T-shirt or a bright jumpsuit is a common thing for a puppete.



    Not the last place in Tilde is also occupied by other interior details, such as bags, pillows, napkins made from pleasant to the touch materials. They can simply diversify the room regardless of the season, and they can have a certain theme - Christmas wreaths, Easter bouquets, lovely hearts for the Day of All Lovers.

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