• The secret of the popularity of slot machines

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    June 30, 2016
    The secret of the popularity of slot machines

    The popularity of slot machines is indisputable, and it arose for several reasons, among which we can distinguish a sense of excitement, risk, ease of circulation and an incredible variety of slots. This is a hobby for all ages, although, of course, children do not play in them, unless they go to free demo versions without the supervision of their parents. But for children, educational and developmental games are much more useful, but excitement is better left to adults, although many slots literally return us to childhood.

    There are a great many machines today, and more and more are being created. You can evaluate the scale yourself by going to http://best-kazino.com/avtomats/. In the slots section, there are always retro-machines popular in the past, such as Hot Fruit or Happy Sevens, but along with them there are luxurious modern slots with stunning graphics. There are many "cool" machines with unusual and fascinating scenes and characters - Tyuryaga, Fellowship, Climber.There are original machines based on favorite movies and books, there are games about various historical epochs, there are even slots with the participation of zombies.

    A separate category - slots with mythological and fabulous motifs. Magical forests, unicorns, princess frogs, fairies and princesses occupy their stable niche. It would seem difficult to imagine a fan of this type of machine guns, but, nevertheless, there are fans of their own - and very loyal ones. Although these slots rarely fall in the number of popular new products, yet you can meet them in almost every casino, which means that they are truly in demand and loved by the people.

    Slots are often compared with Soviet slot machines, but these are still different things. In Soviet machines, the emphasis was on dexterity and accuracy, on the development of the eye and reaction speed, and the slots, although they are called similarly, are descended from one-armed bandits and are a typical element of the gambling sphere. However, this does not make the slots easy, and the advanced and advanced bonus systems, extra games and cleverly hidden levels not only complicate the process, but also make it much more interesting and fun.

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