• The secret method of growing carrots: the crop is guaranteed

    Carrots are a rather capricious root crop requiring proper attention and care. There are several secrets that need to be considered at the landing stage. Using the tips, you can not only get a rich harvest, but also reduce the care of carrot beds to a minimum. Even thinning carrots almost do not have to.

    The secret of this method lies in the preliminary preparation of seeds.

    At the preparatory stage, we take the seeds and tie them into a cloth made of natural fabric, leaving enough free space inside. We bury the seeds in the garden for 10-12 days to a depth corresponding to the spade bayonet. During this time, the seeds get rid of the essential oils that prevent rapid germination and have time to swell a little.

    On the day of planting, we dig out a nodule with seeds. By this time, they will become much larger and will be ready to slip. Sprinkle seeds with regular starch.Powdered seeds do not stick to hands, besides they are clearly visible on the ground. It remains only to lay them at the right distance in the prepared in advance groove.

    It is important to consider another point. If the soil is not wet enough, the groove should be well shed. After sowing the seeds they are simply sprinkled with dry earth. For the first time, it will be possible to water the carrot beds after the mass emergence of shoots. It will take approximately 3 to 5 days. Earlier watering is dangerous for several reasons. The resulting crust will interfere with the carrot "hatch". Moreover, the carrot grows short and not so tasty due to such stress.

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