• Strong and healthy heart - how to achieve it

    Hypertension, arterial hypertension, coronary heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation, atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia are the most common diseases of the cardiovascular system, which are fraught with complications.

    It is considered that these dangerous diseases mainly affect people of a certain type: those who are overweight (for example, beer belly or alimentary obesity), who abuse alcoholic beverages, have nicotine addiction, and lead an unhealthy lifestyle. I will not deny, all these risk factors certainly provoke the development of cardiovascular diseases.

    Strong and healthy heart - how to achieve it

    But after all, catastrophes, unfortunately to a great extent, also happen to patients who are quite prosperous, leading an exemplary healthy lifestyle! They eat right, keep weight within acceptable limits, and actively go in for sports.Why do they overtake such ailments? And because there are managed risk factors (listed above), and there are unmanaged. The latter includes heredity. Of course, heredity is not a sentence, but it is a predisposition to one degree or another. For example, there is such a family hypercholesterolemia. Already in children revealed a high level of cholesterol in the blood. But the presence of a large amount of cholesterol is not enough for the development of an early atherosclerotic process in the walls of blood vessels. A number of other harmful factors are also needed, such as smoking, obesity, the same hypodynamia or the opposite phenomenon - torture of the body in fitness clubs. A stressful (chronic) situation at work or in a family can also be attributed to risk factors.

    WHO forecasts are disappointing, mortality from cardiovascular diseases increases from year to year ... And what is interesting and seemingly illogical and even absurd - the increase in mortality occurs against the background of the emergence of a huge number of drugs to treat these diseases, the discovery of modern cardiac and cardiac surgery centers

    Why is this happening? I believe that this is largely due to the illiteracy of our population, on the one hand, the availability of drugs in pharmacies and the availability of information on the Internet (who interprets it and how it is a different kind of problem) on the other. As a result, we have self-diagnosis and self-treatment: patients fall into the hands of doctors or ambulance or resuscitation, that is, in a critical condition.

    Strong and healthy heart - how to achieve it

    And what is required?

    More precisely, what do doctors recommend in order to prevent a critical state of their health? Watch him. Examined at least once a year. This is usually an ECG, if necessary, and ECHO-cardiography (ultrasound of the heart), blood analysis, clinical and general urinalysis. Once every three years, be sure to check your lipid profile (this is cholesterol, bad and good). If you are overweight, obese, then do not be lazy to check your cholesterol level once a year.

    No less important and control over blood pressure! If there is no burdened heredity and you feel good, there is no need fanatically every day or several times a day to measure pressure.But, if there are headaches, dizziness, it is necessary to measure the pressure. Normal is the blood pressure of 120/80 mm Hg. st. But this is a very average figure. For short stature, thin patients, blood pressure can be 90/60 - 100/60. And this may be their work pressure. But for patients of tall, dense or hypersthenic physique, 130/80 or even 140/80 mm Hg are quite acceptable numbers. st. Provided that you feel well and all the other indicators.

    If there are complaints of headaches, heart palpitations, discomfort in the heart, it is necessary to measure pressure, calculate the heart rate (pulse), make an ECG if necessary (chest pain, interruption of heartbeat - rhythm disturbances). You need to listen to your body, respond correctly to the signals that it sends us, promptly consult a doctor, be examined and receive recommendations (and follow them!). Be attentive to your body. Watch your health!

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