• Stars who even go for bread at the parade

    These girls even turn into a real fashion outlet for an ordinary grocery shopping trip!

    No photographer has yet been able to boast a photo of a celebrity taken aback, because these famous women are surprised not only on secular parties and carpets, but also in everyday life.

    Perhaps such a desire to look always well-groomed - just a habit and unwillingness to get into the frame, and then on the covers of tabloids in an unattractive way. But some of the Hollywood divas have this (by the way, useful!) Habit even before fame and worldwide recognition.

    Actress Sofia Vergara explains this by the fact that she is madly afraid of old age. And if he sees himself in the photo untidy and unpainted, he simply will not survive. “If they come up with a rejuvenating cement mask, believe me, I will be the first to test it,” Sofia said in an interview. Always in high heels, in elegant dresses, emphasizing the seductive shape, with makeup and styling - this is usually the actress you can see even on a banal walk.

    Olivia Palermo status of an icon of style simply obliges to be forever stylish! Street images of Olivia are real catwalk exits. Unusual coats, bright shoes, expensive bags and glasses, neat makeup and even Palermo's dirty hair collects in such a stylish tail or a bun that it is hard to believe that the girl just went to the store and not to a party.

    Kate Beckinsale, too, carefully monitors the style of non-social events. The only thing she refuses is the stilettos and heels. And the actress hides the lack of make-up behind massive glasses.

    Reese Witherspoon all the fashion critics of Hollywood make up odes! She is beautiful always and everywhere. Incredibly, the actress exchanged the fifth dozen, but is as fresh and young as at the beginning of her career. Fragile and graceful Reese prefers casual style and often adds bright notes to the image.

    See our photo gallery and be surprised.

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