• Star of "Game of Thrones" Rose Leslie showed a wedding ring

    Rose Leslie hit the paparazzi in Heathrow airport, showing off the engagement ring that Keith Harington had given her. Even on a fuzzy snapshot of a cushion cut diamond, it is simply impossible not to notice.

    The star of "Game of Thrones" Rose Leslie showed an engagement ringThe star of "Game of Thrones" Rose Leslie showed an engagement ring

    The celebrity couple reported their engagement in September, and made it incredibly old-fashioned, as it may seem today, by advertising in the London newspaper The Times in the section “Upcoming Marriages”: middle daughter Sebastian and Candy Leslie from Aberdeenshire announce engagement. ”

    Rose and Keith, who began dating 5 years ago, should be noted, generally an incredibly "old-fashioned" couple - they are romantics who do not like the attention of the press and are trying to avoid popularity. Therefore, we can expect that their wedding will be as traditional as possible, and not in the style of the series “Game of Thrones” - in hides and with guests in the costumes of white walkers, as requested by the saga fans.

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