• Stained glass on a mirror

    Mirror- this is probably the only object that everyone has, regardless of style, lifestyle or room space. It’s not so difficult to make a mirror an accent element of a decor; you just need a little patience and perseverance. I think you have seen magnificent stained glass windows, impressive for their beauty and inimitable. They are made by the method of laborious combination of pieces of multi-colored glass. We will deal with a pseudo window, imitating a stained glass window by applying a contour and pouring transparent paint into it. Often artists perform whole pictures in the style of pseudo-dressing, pouring out a contour with opaque acrylic for working on glass. For a stained-glass window you will need a contour, stained-glass paints, brushes, acrylic lacquer.
     Paint Brushes

    They are sold in art stores or in stationery stores. Now on sale a large amount of materials for pseudo-windows of domestic and imported production. Sketch needs to be developed in advance and applied to the mirror already thoughtful, trying to minimize auxiliary lines.Before applying the mirror mirror degreased with medical alcohol. This is necessary for better adhesion of paint to the surface. Drawing on glass can be applied with a marker, which is easily washed off with alcohol in case of incorrectly applied lines. It is important to take into account that the mark from the marker that has fallen under the contour cannot be washed off and it will be visible in the mirror surface, which will give the stained-glass window an untidy look. The contour is best carried out next to the picture. Due to the fact that now there are a huge number of contours of all possible colors, you can draw a magnificent masterpiece using only them.
     draw a contour
    Before pouring paint, the contour must dry on over several hours. Only after it dries can you gently wipe the traces of the marker with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
     draw contour
    The dried contour is easily edited with a blade, small errors and unnecessary lines are removed.
    draw the outline
    Stained glass paints are very liquid and ready to use.If you want to make a more transparent layer and a delicate pattern, you can add a special solvent to the paint. But keep in mind that the more diluted the paint, the less stable the layer. Paint brushes should be made of natural hair: squirrel, column, ponies and do not lose villi during work. Prepare the paint with a brush and gently transfer drop by drop into the cells between the contour. All contour lines must be connected in order to avoid mixing colors.
     We paint
    It is very convenient to work with a medical syringe, its needle can get into even the sharpest corners of the picture. It is important to remember, the second layer is unacceptable - the paint composition is such that when applied to the first layer, the next one reacts with it and its smooth surface deforms and deteriorates. After the final drying, the entire pattern should be opened with a finishing acrylic varnish. The varnish keeps color, protects drawing from dust, exposure to sunlight and dampness. In the same manner, varnished artists cover their canvases for their greater preservation in their original form. Stained-glass window on the mirror
    But such a handsome man lives on the mirrored door of the closet. It is made of opaque acrylic paints. Care for a mirror with a stained glass is insignificant. Wipe with a dry cloth and a couple of times a year to wash with soapy water. Aerosol glass is better not to use their components can affect the color.
     Stained-glass window on the mirror

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