• Simple self-contained security alarm system with your own hands.

    System assembly. ATTENTION! Do not turn on the siren without protecting the ears, despite its small size it is very loud and can cause hearing damage. The result was. In accordance with the regulator on the sensor, you can set the time of the siren after the operation. From 10 seconds to 8 minutes. The sensor should be installed indoors and the siren should be brought outside. Unfortunately, after the power supply, the sensor is triggered, so it is reasonable to bring the siren switch to a hiding place and turn it on 5 minutes after turning on the sensor. The switch can be switched with a key, like a car's ignition switch. The sensor turned out to be quite economical. Judging by the ammeter: Standby current 700 µA; Current in pickup mode 1.1 mA; Siren current 200mA. A simple calculation suggests that to work for 6 months you need 3.1 A * h.Alkaline battery capacity is about 2.5 Ah. Therefore, for the winter you need 16 alkaline batteries connected together. Checking in the freezer showed that the system works even at -32 Added later: given our troubled times and the autonomy of the system, it can be used to build a security perimeter in nature around a tent for example. Tests at the dacha showed:   1. Glare from water causes a false positive   2. You can glue the sensor so that it would form blind zones with insulated segments.

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