• Simple ideas for masking batteries

    It has long been a thing of the past when in a typical "Khrushchev" of the Soviet type there were standard cast-iron radiators that did not hide or hide in any way. Today, in most modern apartments, the owners are trying to give so trivial, at first glance, trifles the uniqueness of the decor. Hide bimetallic radiators is easy. There are many ways to solve this problem. The main thing - a little imagination and a minimum investment.

    If the fantasy does not suggest the correct ways to solve this problem, then you can use the simplest ways to hide the batteries.

    All ingenious is just

    The most elementary example of “masking” batteries is considered to be a decorative screen. They are of three types:

    1. Made of wood. Environmentally friendly material is considered an absolute plus, but under the influence of heat, it deforms over time.
    2. Of metal. Stainless steel will give the interior a mystery.The ideal option such screens will be for high-tech style.
    3. Made of plastic. More economical option. But you should be prepared for the possibility that the material will melt easily.

    For the "masking" of batteries, you can buy both ready-made grilles, and made-to-order, if you need to set a special size. It is also beneficial to purchase an individual grid if it is necessary to combine this element of decor with the overall interior of the room.

    An extensive selection of decorative screens are sold in specialized online stores. There you can consider in detail all the options, find out the size and equal to the pricing policy. But do not forget that the bars should be combined with curtains. Therefore, it is advisable to buy these attributes together. Typically, online stores do the same, selling decorative screens along with curtains.

    However, if there are any doubts on this issue, you can always get quick and effective advice from design firms, which particular option should be preferred, and how it will look against the background of the overall interior.

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