• Sheepskin shoes - the best option for the winter

    Sheepskin shoes are in high demand. Firstly, it is very comfortable, warm and can warm even on the most frosty day. Today, world fashion designers have begun to produce a mass of different variants of shoes from this material.

    You will not believe, for the first time such shoes began to be worn back in the year 500 in Asia. But Europe, too, did not lag behind in this regard, and it was the people of Greece who first began to wear sheep's shoes in ancient times. Plato wrote in his writings that it is much more convenient for people to wrap their legs in sheep's clothing in the winter. Thus, they retain heat. And the dancers still at that time wore beautiful uggs during their performances.

    Why sheepskin? Yes, because it is a natural material that has certain healing properties. Things made of sheep's clothing create an electric field that stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the immune and nervous system. And even restores sleep and blood pressure. It's amazing, huh?

    On the market there are many options for shoes that are made of this fabric.The most famous of them are uggs, they do not threaten you with any colds. They have excellent heat-insulating properties, and the legs in them do not freeze, and do not sweat. You can buy ugg even online. And uggs are so light that you don’t even feel that you have something on your feet.

    In the wool of a sheep, there is a substance called lanolin. Its main functions are anti-edematous and anti-inflammatory work with skin tissues. That is why, many naturopaths advise to wear clothes and things made of sheep wool. Sheepskin products are used in the treatment of arthritis, arthrosis and sciatica. And also, shoes shoes help to quickly repair the tissue after bruising, sprains and fractures.

    How to choose the right shoes from sheep's clothing?

    1. Check the sole, it should be embossed. Flat sole - a sign of poor quality.

    2. It is better to buy shoes of Australian production, if you have the opportunity. It was there that they first began to produce quality uggs.

    3. Seams should be double.

    4. The heel should not go from side to side.

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