• Sea glass pendant

    A pendant made of sea glass is a master class, we make with our own hands a small pendant from what was found, brought from a trip, or bought sea glass, to remind you of a pleasant rest and make you happy.

    Materials and tools:

    1. sea glass;
    2. dremael;
    3. drill (similar to dental);
    4. tare;
    5. round nose pliers;
    6. nippers;
    7. wire.

    Step 1

    Pour into a container of water, put glass into it and proceed to drilling the hole. The hole is drilled impulsively at high speeds (approximately, 35,000); we also drill in this way, we drill for 3-5 seconds, do not drill for 2-3 seconds, while removing the drill.

    Then we will make an eyelet for the pendant, bite off a piece of wire, pass it through the hole and bend it.Sea glass pendantis ready.

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