• Salad to help keep diets

    Salad, helping to withstand diets
    As you know, corn lowers your appetite, so everyone who wants to part with extra pounds, this product should be in the first place. In the course of processing, corn loses almost all useful properties, therefore it is necessary to supplement corn dishes with products containing vitamins and microelements. Leafy green vegetables are their best source. Lemon-oil filling contributes to the rapid absorption of the product, and the abundance of fiber in cabbage and cabbage lettuce promotes and cleans the intestines and the gastrointestinal tract.
    Salad that helps with keeping the diet

    Products: white cabbage - 50 g, red cabbage lettuce - 2-3 leaves, red onion salad - 50 g, ripe tomatoes - 1 pc., Canned corn - 2-3 tablespoons, a few twigs of fresh parsley and dill. For refueling: a piece of ready mustard, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice,soy sauce and olive oil.
    Salad that helps withstand diets
    Leaves of lettuce break into pieces. Put in a salad bowl. White cabbage thinly cut into ribbons. Slightly crumble the cabbage. Add to a salad bowl.
    Salad that helps withstand diets
    Cut or tear greens, add to a salad bowl,
     Salad, helping to withstand diets mix with sliced ​​half rings of red onion salad.
     Salad that helps withstand diets
    Ripe red tomato cut into large slices. Put on the greens in a salad bowl. Add corn kernels. It turns out very beautiful bright colors. Prepare salad dressing.
     Salad that helps withstand diets
    Squeeze the lemon juice in a separate bowl.
    Salad to help with dieting
    add olive oil (or flax),soy sauce and mustard. All is well mixed.
    Salad, helping to withstand diets
    We pour salad before serving on the table. Mix carefully so that each leaf is covered with a fill.
    Salad that helps to maintain a diet
    It turns out not only tasty, but also very elegant, beautiful and appetizing. With success, this salad can be served on a festive table.

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