• Rihanna told about self-love and self-irony

    It’s hard to imagine a more ardent supporter of body-positive than Rihanna: no matter how much the Barbadian singer tries to confuse with remarks about too curvaceous forms or too explicit outfits, she invariably responds to heyter with one hundred percent self-confidence. It works, you need to admit trouble-free!

    Once again becoming the heroine of the cover of Vogue, Rihanna told the editors of the magazine that she helps her feel on top. And this, ironically, is self-irony. “You should be able to laugh at yourself. Really. We need to learn how to treat ourselves as our best friend - after all, we all like to teasing friends kindly, right? I have “fat days”, and there are periods when I am in great shape, but I love myself in any of these two options, ”the singer shared.

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