• Restyling Honda

    Restyling HondaHonestly, in the Celestial Empire, nothing is new, the Chinese prefer proven solutions, and the Hover H6 turned out to be a copy of the fourth-generation Honda CR-V, and it was very well made. From the outside, it seems that the CR-V grille simply stuck a new nameplate, but for the Great Wall it is really a novelty, and not just another restyling of the popular H-series, the ancestor of which was another “Japanese” - Isuzu Axiom. From the “source code”, almost everything was carefully “redrawn”, down to the characteristic perforated “window” on the middle spoke of the steering wheel and a solid separation shelf in the trunk - in the Japanese crossover it withstands loads up to 10 kg.


    However, they could not refrain from “rethinking” the Japanese design finds in the Great Wall and for some reason ruined the flat floor between the center console and the glove compartment in the middle of the front seats, strapping the glass holders there. Because of this, the H6 is not so convenient to climb from the driver's seat to the navigator - the “trick” that allowed to park on any side close to the fence is almost lost. But the usual straight handbrake lever instead of the transverse Honda “crutch” is rather a blessing,although it does not look so stylish. But all this stuff, in general, the salon, despite some simplifications, is well assembled. Interestingly, the versions of the Hover H6 are much more than the original - a front-wheel-drive car rolled out to the presentation, although the list of complete sets has four-wheel drive, two Mitsubishi gasoline engines of 2.0 and 2.4 liters, two-liter turbo diesel 4D20, 5 and 6 -step MKP, as well as 4- and 6-step "automatic". Hover H6 should be on sale by the middle of this year, prices for front-wheel drive modifications start from 699,000 rubles, for all-wheel drive from 730,000 rubles.


    Great Wall Hover M2 also did not fall from the sky, like everything else in China, it has a long history. Once in Japan, he was known as the Toyota BB, after the Great Wall reborn in Great Wall CoolBear. A nice “trailer” appeared as a parquet M2 at the last Moscow Motor Show, in 2010, but now it is going to settle in our dealerships. Despite its modest dimensions, five people can easily fit in it, and even with the chairs of the first row fully retracted, up to the knees of the rear passengers, there remain a few centimeters. For the sake of convenience, the passengers had to sacrifice the trunk, but there was still a place under the floor for dokatki, and the salon transforms perfectly, turning the M2 into a cargo van is just a matter of minutes.The cheapness of the finishing materials is compensated by the original design - the central location of the speedometer, the front panel consisting entirely of glove boxes and shelves - not a single centimeter of space in M2 will not be wasted. The parket is equipped with only one liter 1.5-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 105 liters. from. and a mechanical 5-speed transmission, and in the basic configuration has a wheel formula of 4 × 2. The price of front-wheel drive cars from 460,000 rubles, costs from 499,000 rubles, it’s not long to wait for the Great Wall Hover M2, they promise to start selling by the end of spring.

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