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Redhook, London

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Redhook Farringdon - Reviews - Marie Claire Redhook Farringdon - Reviews - Marie Claire

Traditional surf 'n' turf gets an East London makeover

Where?Redhook, 89 Turnmill Street, London EC1M 5QU (020 7065 6800)

New York City district, New York City diner?The inspiration behind the name might be Brookyn, NYC, but the styling here’s more East London cool, with a vibrant mix of influences, architecture and style.

And the food?Seafood ‘n’ steaks, the raison d’etre for this brand new opening, are as all-American as it gets, but the menu’s been created with tastemakers not tourists in mind.

How so?Take seafood-restaurant-staple fruit de mer for example. With tongue firmly in cheek, at Redhook it comes in both ‘East London’ and ‘West London’ versions, the latter laden with lobster, oysters and king crab legs, the former with whelks and seafood greens.

Redhook Farringdon - Reviews - Marie Claire

What do you recommend?The scallops. Above all else, the scallops. By all means, order the buttery crab linguini and the delicious seared halibut. Definitely make room for a couple of oysters (we liked them served with simple shallot vinegar best), and do try a side order of Redhook Salad. If you’ve got room, there’s all manner of steaks to choose from, but you must eat the scallops and you must eat a large portion. Served with chorizo, red pepper and parsley oil, we have a feeling it’s just about the unhealthiest way to eat them, but the extra calories are worth it for the taste.

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