• Recipe for honey with propolis

    Honey with propolis is a universal remedy that is used to treat diseases. The drug strengthens the immune system, protecting the body from diseases. It is usually taken orally, but there are effective recipes for external use.

    Honey with propolis
    Honey with propolis: useful properties
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    • Cooking time:10 minutes

    Cooking honey with propolis

    Taking the drug on the basis of honey and propolis, diseases of the nose and throat will quickly disappear. Also, the product is used to treat burns, insect bites, cuts. The use of propolis with honey contributes to:

    • cancer prevention;
    • it slows down cell aging;
    • reduces the risk of flu and colds;
    • heals and disinfects wounds;
    • useful for the stomach, mouth, respiratory system;
    • prevents diseases of the female reproductive system.

    But it is worth knowing not only about the beneficial properties of honey with propolis, but also about contraindications. In fresh form, the drug is completely safe.But if it is heated to 50 degrees, a dangerous carcinogen is formed that stimulates the development of cancer cells. Therefore, honey should not be heated so much in the cooking process.

    Of course, no one wants to chew bitter and sticky propolis by itself. Therefore, you need to prepare a medicine that will not only be useful, but also tasty. The recipe for honey with propolis consists of only two ingredients of the same name.

    Since propolis does not lose its beneficial properties with a change in temperature, it can be heated, melted, added to broths, frozen. Both ingredients must be natural, so they ask for certificates at the time of purchase in order not to buy sugar syrup instead of honey.

    How to make honey with propolis?

    To this end, natural propolis is put in a refrigerator for some time for setting. So it will be easier to grind, further:

    • propolis grated;
    • pass through the meat grinder;
    • cut with a knife;
    • then it is added to honey poured into glassware in advance;
    • since honey cannot be heated very much, the medicine is prepared in a water bath. The temperature of the mixture should not exceed 40 degrees;
    • boil the drug until the bee glue is completely dissolved;
    • filter the mixture hot, otherwise after cooling the propolis wax will harden on the surface.

    The mixture is poured into small jars of dark glass. You can keep the medicine for a year without losing its healing properties. But overdue drug is better to throw.

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