• Photo Frame

    Sometimes you want to please a loved one, but to come up with something original is not always easy. So I faced such a problem. And after much thought, I decided to perform the application in a beautiful frame. Starting to make a frame, I changed my mind to make an application. As a result, I got a wonderful photo frame. So, how it all began. For a start, I took 2 cartons (I used 2 covers from the shoe box). I cut out a rectangle from one (the size can be made any way, like a shape), another is made from the same rectangle, but a little larger so that it overlays the first one when applied. alt="" src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/_nw/4/66260487.jpg" align="">
    The first rectangle serves as the base for the photo, the second is needed for the edging (frame ). After these preparations, I took the old unnecessary photo album.
    From the photo album I took an insert (leaf), cut it into two parts and placed a photo in the middle.
    >img alt="" src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/_nw/4/47105713.jpg" align="">
    I pasted this piece of paper on the base (1st carton). It is not necessary to fix the photo, it is already beautifully held.It turned out like this:
    By the way, I didn’t try to keep everything straight, because then everything is leveled with decorative materials. After the base was ready, I took up the frame. For this, I took the second base and cut a square out of it to fit the photo inside, for this it is better to use a ruler.
    After that, I pasted a frame from the album. Instead of leaves, you can use any other material - foil, beautiful paper, fabric.
    After processing the frame, I covered the joints with a ribbon, you can also use different materials.
    With these beads I sheathed a photo:
    >img alt="" src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/_nw/4/37028001.jpg" align="">
    Stitched the frame to the base, while sewing it so that the seams were under tape, which hid the joints. As a result, the rear view turned out to be:
    Nodules are filled with glue. I nicely covered the backside with a cloth, however, you can simply glue the paper. For beauty, I pasted stickers:
    Such a photo frame turned out:
    The work took very little time,the process brought a lot of pleasure, and the result was very pleased with a loved one.

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