• Phone case with embroidery Baby Deer

    Phone case with embroidery Fawn- a wonderful case for your phone with embroidery Fawn, great for your kids.

    Materials and tools:

    1. floss thread according to the key;
    2. laid out canvas size 12x15cm;
    3. turquoise felt, one piece size 15x20cm for embroidery, one piece size 9x16cm for the backdrop;
    4. metal clasp.


    Step 1

    Cut the embroidery and the backing to the size of 9x16cm. A cover of this size is suitable for the iPhone, adjust the size of the cover in accordance with the device for which it is intended.

    Fold 1 cm of the upper edge of both parts on the wrong side and secure with fabric glue. Round the corners of the bottom edge.

    Sew two pieces of felt with an overlay stitch into three threads. A metal clasp can be attached to the top of the case.

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