• Pentovit: instructions for use, indications, price


    Pentovit is a multivitamin complex that contains the following ingredients:

    • thymine chloride;
    • cyanocobalamin;
    • nicotinamide;
    • priridoxine hydrochloride;
    • folic acid.


    "Pentovit" refers to vitamins, the combination of which has a beneficial effect on the central and peripheral nervous system.


    The drug containing vitamins of group B is prescribed for diseases of the nervous system (neuralgia, radiculitis, neuritis). It can also be discharged to prevent the deficiency of vitamins that make up the drug.


    "Pentovit" is not recommended to take in the event that an allergic reaction to any component of the composition was previously identified. Women in position and nursing mothers should also refuse to take this drug.

    Gallstone disease and pancreatitis are contraindications for taking vitamins of group B.In any case, whether or not the drug is decided by the attending physician, starting from examinations and the physiological criteria of a person.

    Mode of application

    Since Pentovit is better absorbed with food, it is best to take it after meals. Tablets drink 3-4 pieces three times a day. The duration of treatment depends on the nature of the disease, but the average course is 1 month.

    Side effects

    While taking vitamins, some people have noticed the appearance of allergic reactions. If signs of allergy are detected, the drug should be immediately removed and the physician should be contacted for the selection of an alternative treatment.


    Pyridoxine hydrochloride should not be taken with dihydroxyphenylalanine (levodopa), since vitamin decreases its effect. You can not drink this drug with alcohol, since alcoholic beverages significantly reduce the effectiveness of vitamin B1.

    "Pentovit" does not affect the concentration of attention, so it can be assigned to drivers.


    The cost of this multivitamin, dispensed through a pharmacy, depends on the number of tablets in a blister, for example, 50 tablets will cost the buyer 100-150 rubles.The drug may be replaced by the following analogues: "Revit", "Heksavit", "Undevit". In any case, the replacement should be agreed with the doctor, as the drugs may have different dosages and contraindications. In no case should not take an increased dose of the drug.

    Based on the reviews of the drug, we can conclude that it helps a lot with cervical osteochandrosis, hair loss and skin problems. Some people when receiving "Pentovit" noted a more balanced state in psychological terms.

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