• Paper puppy

    Paper makes wonderful children's crafts. This material is able to implement any creative imagination. Colored or white sheets turn into beautiful flowers, interesting animals or birds. The main thing is to always have scissors, glue and free time on hand.
     Puppy from paper
    Actually, this is a whole list of materials that will be useful to us for today's paper crafts. The photo shows pencils. Yes, initially we planned to draw a dog's face, but then we decided to replace the pencils with colored paper. We hope that everyone will like the result. The basis of paper crafts are two cardboard rectangles. We need to bend the edges of one of them in different directions, as shown in the collage. In one case, the fold line is 1.5 cm from the edge, in the other - 4.5 cm.
     Paper puppy
    We glue the edges of the cardboard rectangle, we get a stable horizontal surface, on which will stand the dog.Actually, this is the torso. Puppy from paper
    In the next step, we create an odd piece of paw. First round the corners of the paper torso by analogy with the picture below.  Puppy from paper Next, using scissors, we determine the length of the width of dog paws. At the end of the work you can relax, the torso is finished. We'll set it aside for the time being.
     Puppy from paper
    We make the base of the animal's head by analogy with the body. Bend the cardboard, glue the edges. After drying PVA we cut out pointed ears.
     Puppy from paper
    You can draw a dog's face with paints, felt-tip pens or pencils, but we decided to draw it out of colored paper. Focusing on the size of the head crafts, cut out oval eyes, nose and mouth in the form of a droplet. It seems to be a good idea. alt="Puppy from paper" title="Puppy from paper"> Next, connect the torso of the dog with the head and only after that attach the parts from the colored paper.
     Puppy made of paper
    Puppy is almost ready.Not enough tail.
    Puppy made of paper
    We cut out the missing organ from white paper. The shape and length of the tail is at the discretion of the master.
     Puppy from paper
    Now you can safely declare the end of work. It turned out a wonderful paperwork.
     Puppy from paper
    It seems that the puppy will now be in front of the owner on the hind legs. He wags his tail, welcoming guests.
     Puppy from paper
    Let's show the dog a close-up on the background of an artificial flower.
    >img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/18/2333-schenok-iz-bumagi.jpg" alt="Puppy from paper" title="Puppy from paper">
    Puppy from paper
    The master class is over. We hope the guys will come up with the idea of ​​making a paper pet. The handicraft can be attributed to the kindergarten or left at home as a toy. Well, let's say goodbye. See you again!

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