• Painting from scrap materials

    Good day to all. Recently I went to visit a friend and saw on her wall a beautiful picture made of sequins. I really liked it and I also wanted it. I went to the store, looked at the pictures, at the prices. It turned out to be a little expensive. Then I decided to make a painting with my own hands, one that I need and without spending a lot of money. I want to show you what I did. For manufacturing I needed: - Foam of the right size or cardboard covers. - Ruler. - Wallpaper. - Knife.- Scissors - Glue (WPA, moment) - Sequins - Sequins - Beads - Pencil, felt-tip pen - Free time, patience and fantasy. I saw pictures of complex work, but since I do not have experience, then for the beginning I decided to do something for simpler. And so, I took the foam (packaging from the refrigerator, although a cardboard box will do). With the help of a ruler and a pencil, I drew a square of the required size and, armed with a knife, cut it out.
     Painting fromimprovised materials
    Then I pasted it with wallpaper. You can take plain wallpaper (or fabric of any texture). I chose with a not bright pattern.
     Picture from the improvised materials
    The next step was to draw the chosen drawing.I wanted to draw a couple in love, as the day before was a holiday of all lovers.First, I penciled the sketch onto the canvas, and then I already outlined it black With a felt-tip pen for better visibility. If you have problems with drawing, you can transfer your favorite drawing with copying paper. I took pictures from the Internet.
    Picture from improvised materials
    Taking glue and sequins, I began to glue them one by one butt-on to all the competitive lines, except for the thin lines on the face (lips, eyes, eyebrows, ears).
     Cart and from scrap materials
    I glued beads to thin lines in the same way.
    Painting from improvised materials
    Here's a picture.I really liked her, so I decided to make two more pictures with other drawings.
     Picture from scrap materials
    Here is another small picture made of cardboard using sequins .
    Picture from scrap materials
    Despite the fact that the sequins are black, they shimmer beautifully from falling tions on their sunny color. Such paintings can decorate not only the living room of your house, but also a bedroom or a kitchen. They will be a good gift to family and friends for any occasion. You just need to choose the right plot for the picture. Goodbye, until new meetings.

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