What is wasabi

What is wasabi? Evgeny Fogov December 19, 2014 Wasabi is now a very popular food supplement, which is designed to add savor to the dish. Today, wasabi is served in modern Japanese restaurants, but the history of this mustard has more than one century.

What is aha

What is aha? Kuliev February 2, 2015 Sometimes, foreigners learning Russian face some words that are very difficult to explain or understand. These words include interjection "aha", which has several meanings depending on the context. Let us further consider what "aha" is and what.

Photo Frame

Photo Frame Sometimes you want to please a loved one, but to come up with something original is not always easy. So I faced such a problem. And after much thought, I decided to perform the application in a beautiful frame. Starting to make.

What is a sequel

What is a sequel? Galina Mirzahmedova January 26, 2015 Some film fans are interested in what a sequel is. This word comes from the English "sequel", which literally means "continued." If you "dig" deeper, it becomes clear that the sequel is the continuation of.

What is a screen

What is a screen? Svetlana February 2, 2015 The word “screen” is often found in Internet slang. Screenshots are required to post on the forum if a person asks for help in solving a computer problem; They are used as evidence that some record.

Capelin Dry Salt

Dry capelin Salting fish is a simple matter, sprinkled with salt, that's all the wisdom. If we consider the salting of a specific fish, for example, as small as a capelin, and delve into the process in more detail, you can identify many interesting.

How trees grow

How do trees grow? A tree is a large perennial plant consisting of three main parts - the roots, which hold the tree in the soil in an upright position and suck water and necessary minerals from it; the trunk through which these substances.

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