• Overview of popular green proofreaders

    Every girl dreams of perfect skin. But, alas, today it is a real rarity. On the human body there is a huge amount of both internal and external factors that affect the skin condition. And to hide these flaws, the cosmetic industry offers a large selection of products - tonal foundations, concealers, powders, correctors. The latter will be discussed today.

    Reliable disguise

    Color masking tools have long become a real must-have for a modern woman. In particular, the green corrector. But at the same time there are those who are afraid to experiment. Scary for them is just the same this unusual shade means.

    But you should not be afraid, on the skin it will not remain so, having adapted to its tone. So why do we need a "green masking"?

    She is universal. With it, you can hide a large number of flaws, such as:

    In the composition of these concealers there are special components that have a bactericidal and drying effect.And this means that you can not only improve the appearance, but also get rid of acne faster.

    Before you go to the store for new clothes for cosmetics, we recommend reading our tips to help you make an unmistakable choice:

    • Decide for which type of skin and face area you will most often use the corrector. From this will depend on its release form. If you have dry, sensitive skin, then it is better to choose a product with a liquid consistency.

    It is ideal for working with the area around the eyes. Put it dotted with your fingers or sponge. In other cases, you can choose a creamy texture. The option in the form of a stick is suitable for masking eruptions.

    • Pay attention to the series. Owners of the fat and combined type should choose matting agents, and dry - moisturizers.
    • Tint. The darker the tone of your face, the richer the color should be corrector.

    Terms of use

    Now, how to apply the corrector correctly, because the final result largely depends on this. So:

    1. Before using the corrector, the skin of the face must be cleaned and the cream applied. Be sure to wait until the care products are absorbed, otherwise you risk getting a divorce.
    2. Covering the "green camouflage" you need only reddened areas, rashes and acne. Then do not forget to gently shade it to smooth the transition between the natural tone and the corrector.
    3. A tonal base is applied over the top. You can do without powder, but it will allow the agent to stay longer on the skin.
    4. In addition to the direct appointment, the green concealer can also be used to mask small facial wrinkles. This is possible thanks to a light texture that does not clog into creases.

    Top Brands

    But in order not to be unfounded, we present to your attention our review of the products of popular brands.

    Camouflage Cream, Catrice

    There are two options for release - in separate small jars and in a set of several proofreaders of different colors. In the first case, the convenience lies in the fact that if you use only a green product, then you will only pay for it, saving both space in the cosmetic bag and money.

    As for the properties of the corrector, it copes with toning rashes, redness and acne. Dense texture allows you to achieve the desired result after applying only one layer.

    Faberlic Color Corrector, Faberlic

    He not only neutralizes redness, but also combines wonderfully with tonic means. Liquid consistency makes it possible to evenly distribute the corrector even in significant problem areas. Pleasant bonus - affordable price.

    Art Professional Make-Up Corrector, Eveline

    Another inexpensive product. The mineral components and the innovative formula of Last Lasting Effect 24 will reliably hide skin imperfections for the whole day, keeping the makeup fresh. In addition to pigments, the corrector contains beeswax and lanolin, which perfectly moisturize and nourish, making the skin smoother and velvety. A high-quality squalene emollient quickly penetrates deep into the process, completing this process.

    Artdeco Perfect Stick, Artdeco

    The masking stick with tea tree oil will not only hide flaws, but also has a healing effect. But it is worth remembering that the stick is not suitable for the skin around the eyes.

    Despite the light texture and translucent coating, the product does an excellent job with its work, blocking even small flakings and softening them.

    NYX Concealer Jar, NYX

    Best for combination and oily skin. A dense coating that does not dry. In the liquid consistency can be used to hide bruises under the eyes, and a creamy texture makes it possible to achieve a more thorough masking of defects.

    Gosh Click’n Conceal, Gosh

    Its first feature and plus is ease of use. No need to dial the corrector with your finger or constantly carry a brush. The tool is placed in a special pencil, which you simply press and a small amount of it will be on the brush that already has it.

    You only need to distribute it. In addition, the concealer will not only cope with redness, but will even help to visually correct the contours of the face.

    L’Oreal Nude Magic - Anti-Redness CC Cream

    In short - a good product for a good price. It simultaneously combines the functions of the foundation for make-up, CC cream, skin care and corrector.

    Special microcapsules quickly cope with red, as if neutralizing it. The tool also moisturizes, smoothes the texture and protects against UV rays.

    Green proofreader is an indispensable thing in a modern girl's makeup bag. After all, this is one of those products that helps to create the perfect makeup, and with it an unsurpassed look. Be beautiful!

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