• Nyusha showed the first video with a child

    But the touching shots caused a mixed reaction.

    Singer Nyusha hid her pregnancy to the last. But when loose dresses began to cling to the grown-up belly, the expectant mother had to admit. Since then, the singer does not hesitate to publish in Instagram photos in tight T-shirts and swimsuits. Nyusha even started practicing yoga and gladly shares her impressions with subscribers.

    Photo: @nyusha_nyusha

    “This is the period when I can get to know myself even closer,” admits the expectant mother. - I study with great interest how my body and body as a whole change. Enjoy every moment. Time slowed down a bit. ”

    Meanwhile, fans of the singer suspect that the singer has already given birth, only carefully hides it. Especially since the time has come.

    Nyusha warmed up similar rumors. The day before, she posted a teaser for a new clip, in which she also shot her child. True, not yet born - in the frame of the video with ultrasound singer.

    “This is a very special job,” she admitted.

    Photo: @nyusha_nyusha

    “It seems that Nyusha has already given birth, since she is not afraid to show an ultrasound scan of the baby,” the fans immediately decided.

    Others suggest that the date of delivery will be on the day the clip is released - September 25th.

    Particularly superstitious subscribers condemned the singer. Say, why lay out the ultrasound images, because they can jinx it. “The child is the most secret, and not the reason for the next clip,” the women were outraged.

    Fortunately, most fans were very grateful to the singer for sharing such intimate moments with her life: “This is so cute! Nyusha, thank you for showing the ultrasound. Not everyone would like to share something personal. You are super".

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