• Not passing fashion for dresses: this is what is important this summer!

    Dress - an integral part of the wardrobe of a woman. In addition to the black short, every self-respecting lady should have at least one, and preferably a couple. Hurry up to find out which dresses are in the category must have this season. In our selection it is easy, then you just have to go to the boutiques or confuse the moderator.

    Midi is always in trend

    Simple cut and lack of frills only emphasize elegance. A self-sufficient white dress with long sleeves is perfect for cool summer evenings.

    Classic never goes out of fashion. A special decoration of this dress is drapery.

    And here the highlight is rolling into roll out.

    Effectively emphasize the charm of the dress can belt.

    Juicy orange flawlessly combined with white, not superfluous in dress and beige pastel insert.

    The loose cut of the dress in combination with the sleeve that turns into a cape adds elegance.

    The perfect choice for an evening dress was and remains velvet.

    A small wave and open shoulders in combination with the original sleeve make the dress light and airy.

    Noble gray always looks rich and exquisite.

    A closed dress with a stand-up collar that looks like a belt looks simple and elegant.

    If not midi, then what?

    Summer outfits surprise with their diversity. You can always choose for yourself a long elegant dress or stop the choice on models with a skirt ending above the knee.

    The classic combination of black and white is always in trend.

    Nothing superfluous, just a detachable skirt and tight-fitting silhouette.

    A spectacular addition to the pencil dress is the finish that replaces the sleeve.

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