• Multitul - a good gift for any man

    In everyday life, modern man has to perform dozens of operations that require the presence of special tools. But carrying a small suitcase with screwdrivers, keys and other devices is inconvenient. Today, a complete set of tools, there is a more practical and compact alternative - multitool. Similar products are presented in the market in wide assortment. They differ in purpose, configuration, format, functions and other parameters.

    Main features of multitools

    Users call multitools pocket tools. This name is fully justified. For any classic product of this type, the following properties are characteristic:

    • Compact size. When assembled, the device easily fits on the palm, which makes it as convenient, practical and mobile as possible.
    • Multifunctionality.Any multitool is designed to solve several problems (from 2 to 40 or more).
    • Quality performance. Products made from materials such as metal alloys, stainless steel, durable plastic, ceramics, etc.

    Today on the site http://toomanygifts.ru/catalog/multituly/ you can buy the original multitool as a gift or for personal use. Such products have low cost. If necessary, they can be applied to the original greeting lettering or symbolic image. As a presentation, a pocket tool will appeal to motorists, travelers and tourists, hunters and fishermen representatives of working professions - electricians, installers, mechanics.

    Varieties of modern multitools

    Unusual pocket tools come from various manufacturers. Their cost varies from a few hundred to several thousand rubles. Budget models usually have 2-4 elements, for example, a knife and a flashlight, a blade and a scraper. The most expensive multitools can consist of dozens of tools. There are a knife and a corkscrew, pliers and bottle openers, miniature files and scissors, a centimeter and a set of bits. Some models are assembled in the format of a conventional portable flashlight.

    The weight of such a device is about 300-500 g. A set of classic tools of a similar type will pull at least a couple of kilograms. For easy carrying, these “help” ones are supplemented with covers.

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