• Movies with the most unexpected outcomes

    We all love pleasant surprises. The finals of some films can be surprises, though not always pleasant, but guaranteed to be sudden. You can closely monitor what is happening on the screen, but the five-minute ending is able to change the point of view on everything that happened before. Hop! - the plot makes a clever turn, and it turns out that all this time we were fooled with great skill and led by the nose. We picked up films with unexpected, shocking, extraordinary interchanges. Yes, and no spoilers! We will not reveal all the cards, so as not to deprive you of pleasure.


    Main question:Who is there? 

    In the film Alejandro Amenabara, a beautiful and sad Grace (Nicole Kidman) with two children is waiting for her husband to return from World War II in a huge empty mansion on the coast. Grace’s daughter and son is a deadly genetic disease - daylight intolerance. Grace is training new servants, putting at the forefront the task of keeping the twilight in the house by all means.Meanwhile, something strange and terrible is happening in the mansion ...


    Main question:what did i do in the end?

    The psychological thriller of Brad Anderson, for the sake of filming in which Christian Bale lost more than thirty kilograms. Why do you need to make such sacrifices? Everything is logical, because his hero, Trevor Resnick, has not slept for a whole year ...

    It seems to Trevor that he has done something unbearably terrible. The hero balances on the thinnest line between sleep and reality, but is unable to surrender to either one or the other. Reznik loses weight and exhausts every day, and his conscience does not give him peace. Buchenwald kind Christian Bale, for whom the role in "Machinist" has become one of the most important in his career - the main thing for what it is worth watching this movie, the final of which will change everything.


    Main question:who raped and killed my wife?

    Director Christopher Nolan tells the story of Leonard Shelby (Guy Pierce), who suffers from short-term memory loss. Leonard is looking for the killer of his beloved wife, but it is not easy, because he completely forgets what happened to him yesterday. In order not to miss anything important, Lenny writes notes to himself, and tattoo the most important facts on his own body.Events develop in reverse order: from end to beginning, day by day, moment by moment.


    Main question:What is the seventh sin?

    Detectives William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) and David Mills (Brad Pitt) catch a serial killer, whose crimes reflect seven sins: gluttony, laziness, lust and so on. The crime scene contains a clue about the next victim. Suspicions of detectives fall on a man named John Doe (Kevin Spacey), smart, cold-blooded and cruel. Maniac, who imagines himself a master tool, arranges a trap into which the detectives themselves fall.

    "Sixth Sense"

    Main question:But was Bruce Willis?

    Psychological and mystical drama of the master create scenes with surprises, directed by M. Knight Shyamalan.

    Child psychiatrist Malcolm Crow (Bruce Willis) was attacked by an unbalanced patient. After some time, Malcolm begins working with the boy Cole (Haley Joel Osment), who sees the ghosts of the dead people. The doctor establishes contact with the boy, and gradually they begin to trust each other.

    "Shutter Island"

    Main question:who is the sixty seventh patient here?

    Martin Scorsese's film about the federal marshal Teddy (Leonardo DiCaprio), who came to a closed psychiatric clinic, which contains the most dangerous lunatics. The woman who killed her children mysteriously disappeared from the chamber. Ted and his partner start searching, but it’s not so easy to navigate in a creepy clinic, where infernality emanates not only from patients, but also from doctors.


    Main question:Where did she go?

    The film by David Fincher, based on the book Gillian Flynn, tells about Nick (Ben Affleck), whose wife (Rosamund Pike) disappeared without a trace on the fifth anniversary of their marriage. A seemingly happy marriage, when examined in detail, turns out to be not so successful, and the handsome Nick is becoming less and less cute, attracting suspicions of his wife’s murder.

    "The girl in the train"

    Main question:Is it possible to believe an alcoholic on the verge of a nervous breakdown?

    Tate Taylor's movie based on the best-selling eponymous book by Paula Hawkins tells the story of a young woman Rachel (Emily Blunt) who suffered a life collapse: lost her husband, work, and friends. Rachel only had daily binge drinking and trips to a fictional job on the morning train. From the window of an electric train, a woman watches a married couple living in a house next to the railway.One day the familiar picture changes, and instead of a pair, Rachel observes one man.

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