• Motives for joy

    Joy is one of the most important positive emotions, which is expressed in the form of a good mood and a feeling of pleasure. What can be a reason for joy? Personal success, overcoming the hardships of life, a job well done.

    But how easy and happy children are! The first snow has gone or the spring sun has looked out, received “excellent” for homework or has acquired a new friend - a reason for joy. How happy the child is with the parents on a Sunday afternoon in the park - sometimes, even as adults, many remember such moments of their childhood.

    However, with age, it becomes more difficult for a person to discover this feeling in himself and sincerely enjoy life. In fact, unresolved problems, daily stresses, cloudy weather outside the window - all these factors can permanently settle a sad mood in my soul. So, we change our perception of the environment!

    Motives for joy - list

    “Every smith of his own happiness!” - this proverb applies to the feeling of joy. First of all, you need to learn how to find joyful moments in everyday things and open your heart to meet these sensations. So, what is joyful about us?

    Valentine's Day

    This "overseas" holiday has become extremely popular among Russians - especially young people who like to celebrate the Day of All Lovers. For many, this holiday is associated with pleasant gifts and a romantic dinner - of course, in the company of a loved one. What could be happier than to spend the day with your “second half”.

    Spring is coming!

    And this means that nature will wake up, snowdrops will “crawl out”, the light day will be longer. And the most important reason for joy - March 8! After all, this holiday is a symbol of spring. So it's time for women to prepare for the celebration, and men - for thinking about holiday surprises.

    meetings with friends

    Every person needs a live communication with loved ones. Today, thanks to modern technology, you can see and chat with a friend or parents who are on the other side of the world - is this not a reason for joy?

    A pet

    It is proved that the presence of a four-sided or feathered friend simply nourishes the person with positive emotions. Here you come back home after an exhausting day at work, and your favorite shaggy Sharik or Bobik rushes in to meet and begins to joyfully “give a vote”.And cats are perfectly able to soothe their purrs - just stroke the wool and the heart is filled with peace and joy, and fatigue is like never before.

    Healthy food

    The best reason for joy is good health and good health. And as you know, "a man consists of what he eats." So it is better to include in your diet a lot of fruit (especially citrus), greens and all kinds of lettuce. These products contain a high level of folic acid, contributing to the rapid breakdown of homocysteine, an amino acid whose accumulation causes melancholy and melancholy.


    Many are afraid of change - and absolutely in vain! After all, it is often an impetus to a new round of life, and just the opportunity to change your inner state. You can change the haircut, work, style of clothes, social circle - a change in external factors will surely bring changes at the level of consciousness, will open the "second wind".

    The opportunity to see the world

    For many, the reason for joy is travel, new impressions, acquaintances. It's so wonderful when you can go to relax on the nature, go to a concert, on an excursion to another city.Such unique moments provide positive emotions, enrich the inner world and cause the desire to enjoy every day.

    So look for as many reasons for joy as possible - be it a sunny morning, a blooming flower or a meeting with your loved one. Joy to you and good mood!

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