• Modern interior

    This style has a very interesting story. It reflects all the features of the culture and art of the nineteenth century, the century when it was formed. Modern is a common name, in each country it had its own features and name, but the “Russian modern” was the most masterpiece, elegant, mysterious and luxurious.

    Its main feature is the lines, flowing one into the other, fascinating and incomprehensible. Wanting to recreate the modern in the interior, special attention should be paid to this particular distinctive feature. There is an opinion that the modern style is obliged to “sound” like music, all objects should be connected by one “melody”, but at the same time the space can be divided into conditional zones, and correctly connecting them is a rather difficult task.

    This style is chosen by those who want to see their home aristocratic and a little classic, sophisticated and elegant, seasoned and at the same time luxurious. The characteristic colors of this direction are white and beige, olive and mustard, brown and smoky, silver and gold.As already mentioned, modern lines do not recognize straight lines, therefore doorways and window niches, furniture and accessories should be wavy and curved. An exception is made only for floors, because ceilings are welcome multi-level.

    The design uses only natural materials, no plastic, but only expensive wood, marble or granite, ceramics and glass, many forged elements, and bronze casting. Metal does not make the interior "heavy", on the contrary, it gives it even greater airiness and lightness. The most recognizable element of modernity is stained glass, which is used to decorate doors and windows, are the decor for furniture and walls, if you look at the photos http://fotodekora.ru/stili-interera/modern.html, then you can notice that they also have curved shapes and ornate ornament. As already mentioned, the setting should not have sharp corners and straight lines either, sofas and armchairs, sideboards and curbstones are smooth and curved, a bit unusual, sometimes combined, two or three colors are quite acceptable.

    Even the ceiling lamps are often made of multi-colored glass, and they give a soft and diffused light, which is also characteristic of modern.The lighting should not be too bright, the ceiling chandeliers can be crystal, because they give a lot of glare, filling the room with colors.

    The decor will be bronze or marble figurines, colored glass objects, vases. All of them should have smooth and bizarre curves, fine, if it's exclusive design work.

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