• Microchitching: what to do if he flirts with others on the web

    Microchitching is called web correspondence, which in terms of meaning is reminiscent of flirting, including comments of a crazy nature and messages in the spirit of “kagdila” in a personal.

    About gunpowder in the old dog

    The fact is that microchiters are increasingly becoming not free guys, but seemingly the most decent family men. And unlike ordinary traitors, who are pathologically drawn to the left, like wolves into the forest, these “networked” adventure seekers do not particularly pull anywhere. The ultimate goal of micro-reading is to prove to oneself that he still has gunpowder in the powder flask, he is still in the ranks, in demand, he is of interest to the opposite sex. That’s why such microchiters usually release steam right away, as the network beauty will express her consent to communicate-meet, that is, she will “divorce” into his male fluids.

    Microchitching: what to do if he flirts with others on the web

    Here are just unexpectedly to be taken aback by his partner, commenting on the appetizing of someone else's fifth point inunderwear shorts, or, what is worse, it is at least unpleasant to accidentally discover hot correspondence in the social network! You can try to admit that for a man flirting is a process of self-affirmation, and he absolutely does not carry anything behind him. And you can dwell on this thought, start spying, arrange spacing ...

    No treason - no betrayal?

    In fact, for family harmony, only those processes that recognize and accept both sides are normal. If you do not agree with such ways of a husband to prove his worth to yourself, do not go on about a man’s “It means nothing, Uzbeg!”. You have every right not to transfer network flirt. Moreover, the statistics still claims that sooner or later, even the most frivolous network communication can easily spill over into a real novel if the micro-reader starts playing and “catches a wave”.

    Microchitching: what to do if he flirts with others on the web

    Smiling, joking at work and making compliments to colleagues is one thing, but describing and imagining real actions in fantasies is quite another, much more than just flirting necessary for many men. Rather, it already speaks about the internal complexes of your partner, since he does not realize and does not feel his own value without external permanent evidence of his need.Men with low self-esteem pathologically seek confirmation of their success with women, and the prettier the object that responds with unexpected reciprocity on the Web, the faster the ground can disappear from under their feet, though in reality and with positive emotions from victory. And this fact of microcracking is already quite a serious problem and a threat to your relationship!

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