• Master-class on sewing a cover for a children's table

    Many mummies who have small children, faced with such a problem, the child has not yet grown out of a baby chair for feeding, and the cover on it has already become unusable. For frequent manufacturers of children's tables use oilcloth material for covers. It is practical, it is easy to wipe it, but you can not erase it, since after several washing the material coarsens, begins to crack and becomes unusable. Yes, and the child is not very nice to sit on a cool oilcloth and constantly have to lay something, as a rule, all this slips and gives great inconvenience. Therefore, this master class is dedicated to tailoring a cover for a baby seat for feeding one of the famous brands.

    Used material and tools for sewing a cover

    1) 1 meter of cloth (in this case, crepe),2) 0.5 meters of sintepon, 3) threads of a suitable color, 4) edging tape, 5) scissors, chalk or a pencil,measuring tape, 6) pattern or an old cover.  cushions for children's table

    Making patterns and cutting out the material

    First need to start with the choice of fabric. This is for your taste. You can take a plashevku - it is easy to maintain, durable, wear-resistant and easily erased. But it will not be very pleasant for her to sit with her child, as she slips and is cool to the touch. Velvet - it will look very expensive and the child will sit on it nicely and comfortably, but now there are problems with cleaning. In this case, crepe is used. It is less durable than the plaschevka, but more pleasant to the body, easily rubs off and does not crumple. To begin, we begin to pattern the future cover for the table. For these purposes, you can use the old case, or if it is not preserved, you can make a pattern of oilcloth. To do this, take a suitable piece of oilcloth and attach it to the chair. Marker bypass all the parts, and the details of the chair, where the future cover will be fastened. Next, cut out the template and once again apply it to the chair and check that all parts fit tightly and match each other. Then take the fabric and fold it in half.We put the old cover from the chair and begin to circle it on the fabric. Next, cut the pattern with a small margin on the synthetic winterizer and seam allowances.
     covers for the children's table
    Do the same with the padding polyester, just cut it out strictly according to the pattern.
    covers for children's table
    We also make patterns of the back (1 part) and side mounting of the cover (2 parts for each side).
    covers for the children's table

    Sewing a cover for a children's table for feeding

    To begin, proceed to tailoring small parts of the cover. Let's start with sewing side fasteners. From the old case, cut off the buttons of the rivet (or use new ones). We make a hole on two blanks, we impregnate them with a zigzag seam or if there is an overlock. We insert in the resulting hole buttons and sew them. Next, fold the two parts: one without a button and the other with the wrong side of the button inside. We are stitching, and as a result we get these side fixings. Then we are preparing the rear cover mounting. We make a cutout edging for the handle of the seat and the lower face of the part.
     covers for a children's table
    Let's start sewing the cover for the table. To begin with, on one part of the cover we attach as well as to the side fasteners, the buttons for fastening to the chair at the bottom. We fold both parts face down, pin the finished side fasteners to the place of their connection with the chair. We stretch the usual seam from one side mounting of the chair to the other, the upper part is not necessary to stitch. After a zigzag stitch, we necessarily treat stitched edges of the fabric.
     covers for a children's table
    We turn the cover on the front side, we smooth it well. We insert the inside of the pattern from sintepon and for its fixation stitch on the sides and bottom of the seat of the chair. Details can be seen in the photo below. We also cut a hole for the protective bumper of the seat.
     covers for a children's table
    Next we make edging for the bumper,and stitch the case with padding at the top (as well as it was on the old case). Then we make a marking on the case under the seat belts and with the help of the foot for sewing button-stitches we stretch the marks under the belts. After that, it remains only to cut the fabric.
     covers for the children's table
    We turn to the final part of tailoring the cover for the children's table for feeding. We sew two edges together, processing the edges for greater seam accuracy with the help of edging tape. This is what should happen.
     covers for a children's table
     covers for the children's table
    Next, sew on the back fastening of the cover. We fold the cover and the fastening pattern to each other with the front side and stitch it, we treat the seams with a zigzag stitch or overlock. We turn out the resulting case on the front side.
     covers for the children's table
    It only remains to iron our case and put it on the chair.Here is the result.

    Conclusion on the master class

    This master class described in detail the tailoring of the cover for the feeding table. Time for its tailoring takes very little, and the cost of the fabric is not large. Doing such a custom-made cover is expensive. Therefore, all those who are able to sew at least a little and love handicraft will be able to please their child with a new and comfortable seat cover without difficulty. Good luck in creative processes.
     covers for the children's table

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