• Master class of heart-seal from cloth

    Fabric souvenir in the shape of a heart with a cat head peeking out.
     seals hearts from fabric
    For performance we take materials; - dense white fabric. - acrylic paints. - scissors. - sewing machine. -needle with thread. -thin golden cord. - hair spray. - polymer glue.
    - a gel pen in black. - a paint of a golden hue. - a sintepon for filling. - a simple pencil. a little yarn. - brushes for paints. eat with a pattern. Let's draw a heart of 11 x 8 cm in size, then we will draw a cat's head with ears to its middle. Make a pattern from this picture.
     hearts of a fur seal from a fabric
    Now we take a dense white fabric, add it in half and draw a contour of a souvenir along a ready-made template. Stitching on the sewing machine on the intended contour. But the gap between the ears should be left not dashed, because it will be a place for turning and filling.All carefully cut out, observing a small allowance. Between the ears we leave the fabric a little more.
     fabric seals hearts
    Then gently twist through the prepared hole.
    fur fabric hearts And through the wrong we’ll fill the entire toy tightly with a padding polyester.
     fabric seals from the fabric
    When the toy is well compacted, sew up the free section with a needle and thread with a secret stitch.
     fabric seal hearts
    Now with a simple pencil outline the outline of the heart, the upper bend. We do the markup symmetrically on both sides.
     fabric seals from fabric
    Take a thick thread or a regular one, folded 4 times. Starting from the top edge, we sew with a needle through the whole toy, connecting the contours of the heart from the front and the wrong side.
     fur seal hearts
    This stitch will allow to separate the cat's head.Then we also sew a thread in the ears on the connection line with the head.
     hearts of a seal from a fabric
    For further work with a pencil, we draw a contour of the eyes, nose and mouth on the muzzle of the cat.
     hearts seals from fabric
    Now we come to the stage of coloring. White acrylic paint taken as a basis. For the head, add a little yellow and brown color to it. And for the heart in the white base, enter the red. Brush everything gently with a brush.
    jpg "alt =" cats seals from fabric "title =" seals hearts from fabric ">
    After the toy has dried, proceed to the tinting of the cat. With a dry brush, we collect very little brown paint and go through the outlined contours that are visible under the paint.  cats seals from fabric Coloring and joining of the heart with the head. Then we mark out cheeks in pink. When it dries, continue with a black handle to trace all the contours of the face.
     fabric seals hearts
    Now draw eyes.They will have a blue cat and a little bit of white on the top of the page.
     fabric seals hearts
    While the eyes are dry, paint the nose with a brown color and put a white highlight in the center.
    hearts of the seal from fabric
    Let's return to the eyes. The blue iris has dried up, and now we calmly draw a black pupil. Then we draw small thin strips with a thin brush with white paint around the pupil.
     fabric seals hearts
    It remains to put the glare on the pupils and re-pass the pen, specifying the shape of the eyes, cilia, hairs in the ears. On the painted details of the cat you need to sprinkle with hairspray. So that the paint is not smeared. On the back of the head, only brown strips of wool are marked.
     fabric seals hearts
    The cat's head is ready and proceed to decorate the heart. We take a thin cord of gold color 60 cm long.
     fabric seals hearts
    We start to glue the cord on the bottom of the head,making loops in the middle.
     hearts of a seal from a fabric
    Next we attach the edge of the heart, passing along the seam.
     hearts seals from fabric
    Then, for convenience, on the front side of the toy draw pencils curls. On one half of the heart 5 pieces, and on the second only two curls.
     seals hearts from fabric
    Now it only remains to glue them on the drawn contour, cutting off the desired length.
     hearts seals from fabric
    There is also a curl on the back of the toy.
     hearts seals from the fabric
    While the glue dries, we make a loop in the seam on the head of the cat from the cord for hanging the toy.
     hearts seals from fabric
    To close this stitch you need a cat to make hair out of yarn. We take 40 cm and fold in several additions, fix with a needle and cut the resulting loops. And with the same needle and thread sew the chub in the seam on the head of the cat.  cats seals from fabric It remains to take the paint under gold and use a thin brush to tint the glue made all curls. And with a gel pen write words about happiness and love.
     fabric seals hearts
     hearts of a fur seal from a fabric
    So We have two seals, the mustache can be made in two ways. In the first, just draw a pen, and in the second, tie thin threads. All good luck!

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