• �Marinated cucumbers and tomatoes

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    Cucumbers9 piecesTomatoes6 itemsLemon acid0.5 tsp70 gramsSugar1.5 tbspBay leaf2 piecesPink peppercorns3 peasBulb onions2 piecesGarlic3 clovesBulgarian pepper2 piecesGrape leaves3 piecesDill1 sprig1.5 liter
    • Servings:
    • Preparation time:15 minutes
    • Cooking time:20 minutes
    • Flow temperature:Chilled Dish
    • Processing Type:Pickling

    This simple recipe will allow you to quickly prepare a tasty snack of cucumbers and tomatoes for the winter. The process is so simple that it really takes a minimum of your time and effort.

    Cooking method:

    Rinse the three-liter jar, steam and leave to dry completely. Then put dill on the bottom, grape leaves (you can still have cherry and currant leaves), if desired, add horseradish and 1 sprig of schiritsa to make the cucumbers crunch.

    Next, gently add cucumbers, tomatoes, sliced sweet peppers and spices. Carefully pour boiling water over so that the jar does not burst.And immediately roll up.

    Jar gently turn upside down and cover the top with something warm. Leave in this form for several hours (until it cools).

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