• Making arrows for bows

    Arrows for the bow- a master class on making arrows with your own hands, which does not require any special tools or skills. The result is arrows designed for training and trap shooting.

    Materials and tools:

    1. round birch (cedar) rake;
    2. hacksaw;
    3. knife;
    4. ruler and pencil;
    5. glue;
    6. strong thread;
    7. sandpaper;
    8. plumage (suitable feathers);
    9. tips.

    Step 1

    We take the rail and with the help of a hacksaw we make a 9 mm depth in it. Repeat this step with the required number of rails.

    Be sure to carefully treat the recess with sandpaper, so as not to spoil the bow string.

    Step 2

    Now from the end of the slats, where the groove, measure 43 mm and mark with a pencil. Next, we measure the length of the plumage, measure it on the rail and mark it.

    Step 3

    Soak the rail, for example, with linseed oil. After drying on the slats, we make 3 marks - the places where we will fasten the plumage.The circumference is 3600, so the marks are set at a distance of 1200 from each other.

    We make 3 feathers of the same length from feathers, it can also be decorated, for example, by painting.

    Step 4

    In the marked places we glue the plumage and wait until the glue dries.

    Next, the beginning and end of the feathers are wrapped with threads. We wind tightly laying the coil to the coil and pulling the thread tightly enough. We also wind 1-2 cm in front of the groove so that the arrow does not crack.

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